How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Failed Issue


Own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and what I found best in it, is the Camera, very Fast Auto focus and detailed Images, but we have heard that some of the users are experiencing some problems with the Camera of Samsung Galaxy S5, I mean a person has bought a Galaxy S5 and can’t use the camera is just like purchasing a successor without anything new. The error goes like this, a user has open a Camera app received a message like this “Warning: Camera Failed” freezes the camera app and what worst, it requires you to reboot your phone. If the problem remains till the crash of Camera app and everything works fine or the Rebooting if solves the problem, then I believe it is still bearable, however most of them have complained that even after rebooting it doesn’t work at all.


So, Today we will give you some different ways and solutions on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Failed Issue. However, if none of them works, then take your device to nearest Service center, it might be some problem with the Camera hardware, and if the device is still in warranty, then you are the luckiest guy, take it to Official Center and Claim the Warranty. Anyhow, let’s see how to fix this problem. Even better, Samsung has admitted such problem in some devices and gave this number 1888 897 4357 to contact on and complaint your problem.

Reboot Your Device:

Well, Since you have to Reboot your device, do it and see whether it solves the problem or not.

Clear Camera App Cache, Data:

Go To Settings > Apps and Find Camera App there.

Tap on Force Stop, Clear Cache, Clear Data and give it a try.

Clear Cache Partition Of your Device:

Turn Off your Device.

Open Recovery mode. How? Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons until you see some text on screen.

Now Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and Select it.

Reboot Your device and Check.

Run In Safe Mode:

Sometimes a 3rd party device is doing all this stuff, Open your device in Safe mode and Check the Camera app, if it works fine, Factory Reset the device or remove all the 3rd party apps that you have installed specifically for the Camera.

Set Internal Storage for Saving:

If you have chosen the External SD card for Photo Saving, then the Card is causing such problem, Remove the SD card and set the Internal Storage for Photo Saving and Try, it will work for sure.

Factory Reset The Device:

The best Solution for all the Problems, but not recommended in any case, especially if you are using the Stock recovery.

  • Just Turn off your device.
  • Open Recovery.
  • Tap Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Once Done Reboot the device
  • Make Sure the Recovery is Custom, Stock one Removes everything

If none of them works, then take your device to nearest Service center, it might be some problem with the Camera hardware.

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