Fix Nexus 7 Battery Drain and Slow Charging Issue


Nexus 7 was arrived with a battery of  3,950mAH, which should last at least for 9-hours in active use and takes at-least 2-3 hours to charge fully with a Charger of 2A output. But if you are having problems in both of these things, means that your device shuts down in an hour or two in active use and taking eternity to charge. The problem starts, when you don’t use it like you should be, I mean most of the people, put their device on charge and spend the rest of the night sleeping while their device charges throughout the night, even if it is charge completely, no one removes the Charger. On the other hand, if you don’t use the thing, it will surely lose its Battery life and also timing, use it more and wisely to get better timing.

You must have been familiar with the term known as Cache Partition, while installing Custom ROMs you must wipe it to get better results, but when you stay on Stock ROM, it doesn’t get wiped and saving too much cache can lead to such problems with any device, wipe it on Monthly basis to use your device Smooth and Fast. Don’t know how to Wipe cache,we will show you exactly how it is done.


How To Fix Nexus 7 Battery Drain and Slow Charging Issue:

First Configured Fastboot and SDK: Link

  1. Now Open Command Prompt in Fastboot folder and Type: adb reboot bootloader
  2. Choose Recovery from Bootloader.
  3. Now if you have a custom Recovery, it will open in an instant.
  4. However, if you Stock recovery,  you’ll be prompted to a windows with “No Command”, wait for 20-seconds to enter recovery mode.
  5. Now Navigate to Wipe Cache and Select it using Power Button.
  6. Once the Process is over, Select reboot System now.
  7. The same process is applied on the Custom Recovery too.

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