How To Spy On Boyfriend or Girlfriend Text Messages, Calls and Emails from a Cellphone


Spying in relationships is not considered unless it is done for a serious cause and authentic reasons behind it. The concern of parents has enormously increased for today’s generation with all the latest technologies that make kids more vulnerable. You can keep a track of the whereabouts your concerning people in a number of ways by the help of some apps which are discussed below.

 spy on boyfriend, girlfriend and childrens email, calls, text and photos from a cellphone

Location Trackers To Spy On Boyfriend or Girlfriend Text Messages, Calls and Emails:

The first concern that we usually have is of where my loved one has been hanging out. They can be tracked down by these apps which are provided by authentic developers.


T mobile’s Familywhere app provides tracking services for free and it has a paid version as well. You can choose any one of the options at the time of downloading the app. The app helps you locate a person on the map and track them down to show you where they are. The app works on any mobile phone and does not require extra software installation or GPS to track. If you do not have an android phone, you can still get notifications by logging onto Familywhere online on T mobile’s website ( You can locate up to ten people through this app and the person you are locating will be notified by a text message.

Schedule checks

You can see if the person has arrived home by using scheduled checks. This enable you to get location updates at specific times as you mention in the settings. You will be notified through text or email.

Share Location

This feature lets your loved one to share their location through free check-in option. They can inform you that have they have reached their destination and you are able to see where they are on the map. In order to do so, they can send a text message from their smart phone through the app along with a map. The “To” field requires users to add a contact from your phone’s contact list to share the location with and they will receive their location on mobile web browser. To make it fun they can also add emoticons and a message.

Familywhere requires Android 1.5 and above and first 30 days are free, after that you will have to pay $9.99 per month.

AT&T Family Map

AT&T is another app to hunt the location of a person. The app notifies about the location accurately. It gives 30 days of free trial and then charged $9.99 per month. The app can easily be run on Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad Blackberry phones and uses Wi-Fi and mobile internet and GPS to track down location.

The location can be sent through text message, voice message or email to the concerned person. In order to track iPhone 5 users need to install AT&T Check-in companion along with family map. The app allows locating up to two family members and the phone should be turned on.

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator allows you to track any phone including smart phones and normal phones on sprint family plan. The good thing about the app is that you do not have to install the app on the target phone so the person can not uninstall or deactivate the app if they want to and once it is installed on your phone, you can easily track any other phone included in the sprint plan.

Sprint allows locating up to 4 family members. Their locations are shown on the map along with their pictures.

In order to get started with the app, you need to firstly install the app on your smart phone. Then visit Sprint Family locator on Sprint’s website and enter your contact number. A code for registration will sent to you through text message. Now open the app and enter the contacts you need to include in the plan. All the members will get a text message notifying them that they are locatable.

The app has other features including maintaining an online history and checking locations online through the registered account on Sprint’s website. The app has a 15days trial version and after that it charges $5 per month.

Life 360 Family Locator

Life 360 is a free and reliable family locator which works through GPS. Once you download the app on your smart phone, you have to create an account through your email address and send invites to the people you want to locate. Each member will have to click on the internet link and fill in an online form in order to start being located. The person you need to locate is informed and you can not track him without their consent. Moreover, the location sharing can be turned on or off as you want.

Security Alerts

The target phone is also able to send a location alert in case of emergency. They can send their location to you by text, voice message or data.

Check-in Alert

The app also has a check-in feature where you can send a “check-in” request and the other person can tap to accept the request and the app will track their location and send it to you. The app has a free chat service as well and you can chat with the members of your circle anytime for free. While these were the apps which helps to track a person’s location with his/her consent, there are some stealth spying apps which work in secrecy and are unnoticeable.

Stealth Spy Apps To Spy On Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children’s Text Messages, Calls and Emails from a Cellphone:


Stealth genie gives some extra features along with the basic spy app features like GPS tracking, text monitoring, Web browsing, etc and this is the reason why it stands out of all the other apps. Stealth genie is compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Geo Fencing

An amazing feature the developers have added to this app is geo fencing where you locate certain boundaries and if they are violated, you receive a notification immediately. You can also add some prohibited areas and if the phone enters into that located you will get an alert instantly.


You can add some trigger words like sex, drugs, etc, phone numbers or email addresses and if they are used on the target phone, you will be notified immediately which ensures real time monitoring.

Regular Reporting

Stealth genie gives you the option to set up a time say 30 minutes to get updates after regular intervals. You can reduce this time accordingly and get alerts as often as you want to.

Call Recording

The call recording feature is included in the Android Platinum package which allows you record all incoming and outgoing calls or select various numbers. However, this feature is yet to come on blackberry and iPhone.

Monitoring Social Media Accounts

In the recent update, the app has been included with some features to track social media accounts which includes Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Blackberry messenger and iMessage conversations, sent and received e-mails on G-mail, Sim card change alert and backup or delete data remotely.

Security monitoring To Spy On Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children’s Text Messages, Calls and Emails:

Norton Family

Norton Family by Norton mobile security is a helpful app to keep an eye on a person’s activities. It has certain features which can help you track their location, activities online and much more. The app ensures complete remote monitoring.

The app needs to be installed on each of the devices that the target person uses including their smart phones. The app can be downloaded from Play store. Once the app is installed, open it and enter your email address and password in the Sign In field. In the notification settings, choose what alerts do you want to receive regarding the activities held on that device.


  • Norton is capable of notifying you about;
  • The browsing history, websites accessed.
  • Block certain websites
  • View sent and received Text and MMS messages
  • Viewing sent and received emails
  • Videos watched and download history

To view the alerts you can either on to the Norton website or you can view alerts on our smart phone.

Spy Apps for AT&T iPhone to Spy On Boyfriend or Girlfriend Text Messages, Calls and Emails:

Here is a list of some other spy apps which can be used to monitor activity logs, online browsing details, text and call conversations, social media networks, etc.