*Solved* Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card

We’ve seen many users are reporting that their Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card. Samsung Galaxy J7 is the perfect mid-range device by Samsung. Those who don’t want to go for Samsung Flagships devices they can enjoy a good display using Galaxy J7. In terms of Spec Samsung Galaxy J7 is not bad since it’s a mid-range device.

Samsung Galaxy J7 is rocking with 1.5GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 7580 processor and 1.5GB RAM. The main part of this device is its display. You’ll get a large 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display. So now you know that it’s a perfect mid-range device for all users.

Now let’s get back to our topic and Fix Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card. We have provided a number of workarounds below.

*Solved* Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card

Samsung Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card

Fix: Galaxy J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card:

First, we will discuss the main issue and after that, we’ll address some more issues related to Galaxy J7. Heed the instructions below and get rid of all the issues.

J7 Screen Is Flashing After Inserting microSD Card:

The First things you should do is remove the SD card and reboot your device. Now check if your screen is still blinking? If it’s working normally as it used to do then your microSD card is damaged. Go and get a new one for yourself.

Now if you had no luck after removing the SD card. Then you need to boot your device into recovery mode and perform a factory reset. But before that, you must make a complete backup of your device. However, if after the factory reset your device seems to act abnormally. Then the best solution for you is to head over to the Samsung service center.

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Galaxy J7 Colored Spot Appears On Screen After Drop:

Keep that in mind if you have dropped your device, there is 90% probability that your device display is damaged. You only have one shot on this, boot your device into the recovery and see if the spot is there. IF not then you can proceed with the Factory Reset.

However, if the Colored Spot is still there, it means your device display is gone. Head over to the nearest Samsung service center and let it checked by the professionals.

Samsung J7 Screen Is Black After Software Update:

  • Try to boot your device in the recovery mode and clear system cache. Reboot your device and see if it works.
  • Download the latest stock firmware and flash it and I am sure that will get things going for you.
  • If your device is booting in the recovery mode, try the factory reset.
  • Maybe because of the update your battery run out of juice. Charge your device for 20 minutes and then turn it on.

If none of this worked for you so far, head over to the Samsung store. Let the professionals look at it. Please Join our Facebook and Google+ social media accounts.

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