Setting Up Call Rejection Mode on Samsung Galaxy Devices [Guide]


Call reject mode becomes quite handy when it comes to block the annoying unknown callers, or even if you want to rest for a while and get  cut off with everyone calling you. Samsung’s Galaxy devices have this in built feature named as ”Call Rejection”. This feature is available in other Android devices as well, but might be named as something else. Setting up call reject mode is quite easy, as we will be also having a look on how you can do it in case you can’t get it to work.

Some users have also reported that the Call Reject mode automatically gets activated on their devices, and they can’t find how to disable it. Also sometimes you accidentally add a contact number to call reject list while accessing its settings in the logs or in the contacts and you don’t get to know about it and it can cause problems at a later time. All of these are sorted out here, have a look on the quick guide below and get it done.

  • First of all you need to access the Call Rejection. You can either find it in Settings > Call or Tap Phone > Hit options key and open settings > Call Rejection.
  • In the devices running on Android 4.2.2 or later you may find ”Call” under the ”Device” tab in Settings.
  • In Call Settings tap ”Call Rejection”. Here you can find Auto Reject Mode and Auto Reject List.

Auto Reject Mode:  Lets you turn off or turn on the Call Rejection. You can make a choice between whether you want to reject all the calls or you just want to reject the numbers added in the Call Rejection List.
Auto Reject List: Lets you add numbers to be rejected to the Auto Reject List. You can select here whether you want to reject all the unknown numbers, or you want to reject some of your contacts as well. The reject also allows you to remove the existing numbers and unblock them.

  • So it all exists in the above two options, to turn it off simply select ”off” in the Auto Reject Mode, and to block a specific number, add it to Auto Reject List.


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That’s all, as it was simple enough. We hope that it helped you, In case you have any queries, feel free to leave us a comment. Thank You.