How to Make Samsung’s Galaxy Device’s Home Key Work Faster

Samsung’s Galaxy devices have a home key between their two capacitive keys, pressing the home key takes you back to the homepage of your device but takes a little time, have you ever noticed it? if so then you might be wondering how you can make it work faster, and if you don’t then you may be happy to know that you can make it work a little faster. The trick simply boosts up the speed of your Galaxy Device’s home key.

Before I tell you guys about making it fast, i would like to tell you guys that, I have been looking for this solution and was failed to do so earlier, just to get rid of the slow working of my device’s home screen, I restored the factory settings, flashed a new stock firmware and nothing worked, you may laugh but that’s true. Thanks to a friend Raza Anwar for sharing this trick and helping us out.

This is quite simple, what happens is, pressing the Home Key twice opens up the ”S Voice” feature on your Galaxy device, that supports this feature, this is the actual cause for making it slow.

You just need to open settings in the S Voice and disable ”Open via the home key” and that’s all. Try pressing your Home Button now and it should be 10x faster now.



You can re-enable this option by accessing S-Voice through the icon in the App Drawer on your device.

That’s all! We hope that you found this trick quite helpful 😀

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