How to Reset Default Preferences for Apps on on Android


Android is world’s fastest growing mobile operating system, and there are several reasons, which add to its growth. Being an open source, it allows the developers to discover something new everyday, and being too easy to use it allows the users to get comfortable in several ways. The Google Play store – previously known as Market has millions of apps, and one can enjoy any application of his choice, there isn’t a break anywhere or any limit until and unless you fill up the storage memory of your device.

The apps on Play Store allow you to modify your device, this includes installing various launchers, music players, video players, browsers, photo editors, file managers etc. Now what happens is, let’s suppose you’ve installed a launcher like Go Launcher, or Next Launcher 3D besides the stock launcher of your device, as soon as you press the home key of your device, it will prompt you to select the launcher using which you want to return to the homescreen. Here you can make a choice, whether you want to choose a launcher everytime, or you want to select one as a default launcher. Same goes for video players, whenever you will open a video, it will ask you to select a video player using which you want to open that video, or whether you want to select as default and so as for other similar applications. Sometimes you install some laucnhers / browsers or other apps and select them as default and later on you want to get rid of them, or sometimes you select an app mistakenly and this becomes a pain in vein, when you can’t find how you can clear that app from the default and choose another app in place of that.

If you had or have similar issue, then let us have your attention for a while and help you get rid of this issue, you just need to follow the steps explained below and get it resolved. So here’s how to do it.

      1. Open Settings > Apps / Applications or Application Manager / Manage Apps
      2. In Samsung devices running on Android 4.2.2 or later Application Manage will appear under the ”General” or ”More” Tab.
      3. Swipe to the right, get in the ”All” menu in the Applications.
      4. Now in the all apps list, find the launcher, or any other app that you’ve selected as default.
      5. Tap that app, and scroll down and tap ”Clear Defaults”
      6. Phewww! That’s all, now whenever you open anything on your device, for what you changed the default preferences, it will ask you to choose the default app once again.



If you find the above method a little hard to follow, you may not need to worry as a great app named as ”Clear Defaults” is already there to ease your problem in the Play Store. You can get it HERE.

Clear Defaults
by – Zeal Droid

We hope that this resolved your issue, If you still have any difficulties, feel free to leave us a comment. Thank You.