New bezel-less smartphone teased by Andy Rubin


There is always something going around tech-town. New Twitter post by Andy Rubin teases at a new bezel-less smartphone. Bezel-less smartphones are the next big thing at the moment with different companies working towards making their devices just that.

Andy Rubin after leaving Google in 2015, registered a new consumer hardware company named Essential. Along with that Rubin informed that he will be working on an Android smartphone. For that purpose he has teamed up with formed Google and Apple employees who are working on the project.

Well if the new tweet by Rubin is something to go by we will be haring more about this bezel-less smartphone is the coming days. Xiaomi already has a bezel-less smartphone out with Samsung and Apple announcing new devices following similar design philosophy.

With this new development in play, we cannot wait to see what Andy Rubin and his team are working on.


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