Download iPotter IPA for iOS [No Jailbreak – Location Hack]


Learn how to download iPotter IPA for iOS devices. Either install iPotter on iPhone / iPad directly or use Cydia impactor with Mac or Windows. It is the best working Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing hack for iOS

Game Overview

In order to understand how this Harry Potter Wizards Unite location cheat / hack works, you need to know game mechanics first. For those, who have already played PoGo, it is a piece of cake. However, a lot of Potter Nerds have just joined the AR Madness. Yes, HPWU is an Augmented-Reality (AR) based game. This means that it combines the elements of 3D graphics on phone and real-world into one playable masterpiece.

When you’re past the basic game setup and finally a member of ministry of magic, the real fun begins. The main game screen shows a map, that depicts real-world roads and buildings. However, these location are modified and look different within game’s map. This is the first step towards AR game. This game uses your GPS location to load the map of that area. Map is modified with items like traces, creatures, inns, fortresses and greenhouses. You can tap on these items and they’ll load a whole new world on phone screen.

When moving the phone’s camera around, you’ll see different creature positioned in real-world. This is the mix of mobile gaming and real-world. Therefore, you have to walk around in streets and find items, challenges and ingredients for yourself. This world is filled with lot of interesting wizards tasks for you. Take on these and quickly level up to highest ranks.

What is iPotter and how is it a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location hack?

We have explained why this game uses GPS location. It requires you to walk around the streets and collect magical items. However, unlike PoGo, you cannot drive to complete tasks. Only walking counts! Otherwise, all progress and travelling is wasted. Moreover, walking helps you collect more XP, unlock portkeys and so on. 

iPotter IPA is a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location hack or some may call it Location spoofing. What it actually does is, fool the phone’s GPS into thinking that you are moving. In reality, the player is just sitting in his house and using the joystick to move around. The iOS joystick keep changing your GPS location. The game registers it as if you’re actually walking around in the streets. Therefore, iPotter GPS Location spoof allows you to complete walking tasks without taking a single step!


Location spoofing is highly discouraged by developers. If anyone is caught doing it, they may be banned for 1 week. If same player is caught faking location again and again, the ban may turn permanent. Therefore, always be careful with this and more importantly, do it at your own risk.

How to download iPotter IPA and install it on iPhone & iPad

There are two methods for it. The first method is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Second method makes use of Cydia impactor to sideload iPotter IPA in iOS devices. You can choose whichever works best for yourself.

Guide to download and install iPotter IPA on iOS (iPhone and iPad).

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device.

    This method may not work on third-party browsers.

  2. Enter “” in address bar and tap Enter.

    We are going to download IPA file from here.

  3. Once the page is fully loaded, scroll down and tap on “Direct Install”.

    It downloads and install app on your device.

  4. Allow the permission when installing iPotter IPA from website.

    iPhone and iPad will ask you to give permission to website for installing it. Allow install ipotter ipa iphone ipad

  5. Open Apps Drawer and check download progress of iPotter here.

    You’ll see the regular app installation animation here.

  6. That’s it! You have successfully downloaded and installed iPotter IPA on your iOS device.

    What comes after this and how to use it? Keep reading to find out.

Alternate: Sideload iPotter IPA via Cydia impactor

For those who like to do things in more adventurous ways, here is the full guide (picture by picture) to sideload iPotter IPA on both iPhone and iPad.

  • Install latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  • Download iPotter.ipa directly. Official Link | Mirror 
  • Next up, install Cydia impactor. Windows | Mac
  • Open Cydia impactor app on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad via lightning cable to computer.
  • Select your connected device from drop-down menu.install ipotter ipa via cydia impactor
  • Drag the downloaded iPotter IPA file onto Cydia.sideload ipotter iphone ipad
  • Click on Start.
  • Enter Apple ID in next step. It is necessary.cydia impactor apple id password
  • In case of an error, open Apple ID login menu on your computer. 
  • Navigate to Security Settings > App Specific specific password generator
  • Use this password with your Apple ID where it showed error last time.
  • The installation process will be completed within a minute.
  • Now go back to your iPhone, head over to Settings > General > File Management > Wizards Unite and tap on “Trust”.ipotter ipa trust iphone
  • That’s it! It was pretty easy… wasn’t it 😉

What’s next?

Now that all tools are installed and ready to use, follow the guide below to learn how to use iPotter to do Location Spoofing on Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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We wish you best of luck!

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