Install Gravity Box Xposed Module on Android Nougat


Lately, we have been talking a lot about the release of official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat. The actual Framework is out now. There was an unofficial version of Xposed Framework available before, but that didn’t catch the eyes of a lot of users. Also, the developers of popular modules didn’t update their modules to work with the unofficial Xposed. After seeing the unveiling of the official Xposed, developers have started gearing up towards the upgradation of their Modules for Android Nougat. One such development just took place today regarding the Gravity Box Module.

Gravity Box is the most popular Xposed Module. It gives the freedom to modify your stock ROM from A to Z. Gravity Box is most useful for the users who are running Vanilla Android ROMs and they want to load their smartphones with tons of features. We can say that Gravity Box is an all-in-one ROM toolbox that can modify every single aspect of your smartphone. At first, Xposed itself is an amazing thing since it’s extremely easy to install and then you have the choice to install the modules. When it comes to modules, Gravity Box broadens the options for you.

Paranoid Android and CyanogenMod ROM used to have the Pie Controls features. Android NougatĀ users can finally use those features since the Gravity Box includes them. Pie Controls will let you swipe the screen from any direction as defined by yourself in the module. You do not need a button on the screen to access a particular menu. You only need to give a swipe to your phone and it will bring up the screen set by you. Gravity Box is loaded with tons of lock screen tweaks. It’s time for you to make your lock screen look like the way you want without using any third party application from the Play Store. There are status bar tweaks to add new features to the panel. Navigation bar tweaks are there as well. You can change the display and there are the hardware key actions as well. If you won’t like the current functions of the hardware keys of your phone, it’s time for you to change them. Gravity Box can also customise the stock launcher of your phone. It has some amazing features embedded inside i.e. the Screen Recorder. Android novice users who do not want to get into the complexity of installing a custom ROM can actually cook their own custom ROM with the help of Gravity Box. You can now follow the tutorial given below to install Gravity Box on your Android Nougat smartphone.

How to install Gravity Box Xposed Module on Android Nougat

  1. Download and install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat phone.
  2. After installing the Framework, download and install Xposed Installer APK on your phone.
  3. Now download the Gravity Box APK and install it on your phone.
  4. Open Gravity Box from the app drawer now.
  5. You will see the options on the screen.
  6. You can start tweaking the phone according to your liking now. That’s all.

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