Install Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3 On Galaxy Note 2 And Get Features From Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy S5

Galaxy Note 2 is still loved by millions of users all around the globe, and this is the only reason that the device’s development is not seeing any breaks anytime soon, or its development might never see an end. A laundry list of custom ROMs is available over the XDA-developers forum that can make your Galaxy Note 2 fly high, but something unique is definitely required in order to add extra charm to the working and functionality of your Android device. The great developers are working all the time in order to make your device compete with Samsung’s latest flagships and help your devices  feel young even if it’s years old. Dr. Ketan’s work is something similar. With Samsung’s new devices like Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5, the users may feel that their devices are getting old and the features are outdated, while the new devices come with really cool and eye catching options on board. Dr. Ketan has tried his best to finish this harsh feeling of the users and brought us his great Custom ROM.

Current version of Dr.Ketan Custom ROM is V7.3, based on stock Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the Galaxy Note 2. The ROM contains UI features from the Galaxy S5, some apps are ported from the latest flagship, while features like Air Command are ported from the Galaxy Note 3. This makes the Galaxy Note 2 even more cool running features of 2 latest flagship devices. Dr. Ketan’s custom ROM installation is fully user controlled, each and every single option has to be selected by users while flashing the ROM through AROMA installer. The ROM is full of MODs, tweaks that you may select during installation, there is a number of themes available as well. Apart from this, Dr. Ketan has also inserted an option to remove bloatware during the installation, which simply fastens the performance of your Galaxy Note 2. The ROM also packs up EFS Backup and Password Cleaner which helps the users to take maximum advantage while installing this ROM and make the installation secure.

As we move forward, we will be installing Dr. Ketan’s Custom ROM V7.3 on our beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 and get the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 features. All you need is, follow this guide being very careful and do not miss a step. Before we head towards the installation instructions, let’s go through the features of this cool custom ROM.Dr Ketan Custom ROM


Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3
      [B]Pre rooted , Zip aligned
      30 battery Mod (inbuilt 30 battery MOD including stock, you can change battery icon on the fly (without reboot) To change icon tap battery icon three times from status bar. Don’t select show battery option in setting. tap battery icon 3 times on status bar, you will get option for battery percent, select from there.
      Hidden power menu – Tapping on clock will turn off screen (Lock), long pressing clock will bring power menu. This feature will not allowed to move clock to center. If you want center clock mod then you have to select stock battery option in aroma and don’t use any other mods under systemUI section.
  • Busybox
  • 300 fonts enabled
  • Default language english
  • All Language enabled
  • Ad Free
  • Call Recording – Auto call record included On/Off from setting-dr,ketan ROM extra-utility
  • 4 Way Reboot mod
  • 4 PullUp mod : User can select own selectable application instead of stock. 1.Launcher bottom 2.Launcher Lt pull 3.sFinder of Air command menu 4.Long Press menu
  • MysFinder – Ability to select sFinder from pullUp
  • Multiwindow hack – Quad view – you can open upto four app from MW
  • Sec Launcher MOD – Hide application option with dual pullup mod
  • Camera Hack – Use camera with Flash at low battery

NOTE 3 Features :

  • Air command
  • PEN Window (PEN window manager and Multiwindow manager available in Mod section of aroma to select desired app in MW/PW.)
  • Action Memo
  • Scrap booker
  • ScreenShot
  • S Finder
  • S note with attachment option like chart, map, video, YouTube,scrap book
  • S suggest
  • S finder
  • ScrapBook
  • Gallery
  • Sketch Book
  • Magazine
  • Smart Scroll
  • Smart Pause
  • Story Album
  • One Hand for All screen
  • Writing buddy (direct Input)

S5 App :

  • Ultra power saving mod – Power saving +, UPSM,Emergency mod
  • Toolbox – 10 application can be edit
  • Phone app with popup notification and status information option.
  • Lockscreen Unlock effect – Particle/Stone skipping/water color/Ripple/Light effect/Oil paint/Blind
  • Launcher
  • Accuweather Widget
  • Browser
  • SecMMS
  • Kids Mod

Dr.Ketan Utilities

  • You can access this by Setting-device-DrKetan ROM Extra OR from App drawer. This utility requires plug in called Secure setting. It should auto install while flashing ROM. you should check in app drawer, if it is missing then you should download from play store.
  • This application is built-in Dr.Ketan’s Custom ROM. This application divided in four menu. Also note that you needs to install plug-in to work this app. On opening of app it will direct to play store to install plug in if your device lacking it.
  • 1.Toggles – As name suggest here in this menu you will have many Toggles which you can use to activate/Deactivate services.
  • Single tap on icon to activate, Long click on icon to deactivate
  • Incoming Call Record – This will record all incoming calls. File will be saved in IntSD/Sounds/ folder. (If you dont have this folder then manually create it.)
  • Outgoing Call Record – This will record all Outgoing calls. File will be saved in IntSD/Sounds/ folder. (If you dont have this folder then manually create it.)
  • Auto GPS – Will Auto On/Off GPS with some commonly GPS using app
  • Auto Wifi – Auto switch off wifi if no active connection more than 10min
  • Auto Bluetooth – Auto switch off bluetooth if not actively paired more than 10min
  • Smart Network – Switch off data connection with 30sec of screen off, Auto ON with screen ON
  • Media scanner – To turn On/Off media scanner
  • Torch – Activate flash light with shaking of device with screen (home/Lock) ON
  • LogIn security – silently capture image is multiple failed attempt to unlock device,pic stored in IntSD/DCIM/DrKetan_utilities/
  • Tasks
  • Long press icon to apply.
  • EFS backup – Backup your EFS
  • EFS Restore – To restore EFS, Needs to keep efs.img file on intSD card root directory.
  • Data Fix – Just like Tb restore fix. Probably you won’t require this on this ROM but still you can use if you have FCs after restoring app with titanium
  • IntSD fix – SOmetime you can’t read/write on SD card (int/Ext) you can use this utility to fix issue
  • Flash Recovery
  • Flash Kernel
  • Flash Modem
  • You needs to put raw file on intSD root directory. like if you want to flash any modem, just extract modem.bin and keep in root directory of InntSD and long press Flash Modem icon and reboot. same way for recovery use recovery.img and for kernel use boot.img
  • Auto Scan: This will Auto scan only while your device connected to AC charge. and disable when you remove from AC wall charger.
  • This is helpful to reduce battery consumption
  • Heating issue FIX – This will disable scanning and indexing which sometimes causing too much heating with bad file. Though it’s not idle so;ution. you should find culprit causing issue and should remove it. But you can use this temporarily till you find solution.

ROM extra settings

  • PullUp Chooser
  • You can choose choose default application for each pullup mod
  • Launcher bootom
  • Launcher Side (only available in S5 launcher)
  • S Finder in Air command
  • S finder in Long pressing menu
  • Note that if you want to select default S Finder then you have to choose My Sfinder application.
  • Meet Here/Car Parking
  • This is application very handy to find your car/ share location/Find location.
  • This is complimentary for all this ROM user. Find more details here.
  • Power save plus – Power saving + Gray theme
  • Ultra power saving mod of S5
  • Emergency Mod


  • Short guid lines and link to this post and develiper info.
  • EFS Backup/Restore
  • Data restore Fix
  • Flash recovery/Kernel/Modem from intSD
  • Advanced function SecMMs
  • Group messeging
  • Schedule msg
  • Backup/Restore SMS to SD card
  • Recipient limit 999
  • Original time stamps
  • Disable SMS-MMS
  • Raise SMS/hr limit
  • Split view toggle in setting menu
  • Increased MMS max size
  • Increased size of image
  • No SMS to MMS with Emoji

Optional Features Mod section

  • 1.SystemUI Mod,
  • Restore 30 battery mod,
  • Restore Stock battery, compatible to wanam battery module
  • Rt speed meter , Internet meter on Rt side opp to clock,
  • Lt speed meter , Internet meter on Lt side,
  • 8 Extra toogle on notification area, Hard Button savior,
  • Quick Launch in Notification,
  • 8 Extra toogle & Quick Launch on notification area,
  • 2.Extra Mods,
  • Toggle 2G, control 3G
  • FullScreen caller ID, with manual call record option,
  • Camera sound Hack,
  • Stock Launcher (No pull up or hide app option)
  • White Keyboard, S5 Keyboard
  • Remove Ad Free,
  • Transparent Genie widget, Google news and weather Transparent widget,
  • No SMS log,
  • Hidden cerberus, You needs to have purchased from play store,
  • Story Album
  • MultiWindow PenWindow manager
  • Kid Mod
  • No increasing ring tone
  • S5 Lockscreen unlock effects
  • -Aroma Optional CSC features with Backup/Restore option (some features not tested)
  • Enable camera during call
  • Enable Popup Notification
  • Shutter sound Menu
  • Enable Sub Menu Symbol KB
  • Raise name lenth limit
  • Max speed dial 100
  • Enable call button
  • Enable export to SD
  • Message
  • Raise recepient limit 999
  • SMS to MMS threshold 999
  • Enable folder view
  • Enable font features
  • Enable schedule msg
  • Disable phone nu formatting
  • Phonebook digit matching
  • Launcher Rotation
  • Web exit option
  • Wifi client 10 for MobAP
  • MultiWindow addOn App
  • Calender export
  • Email White BG
  • Clock enable Auto on off menu
  • Voice call waitingtone 60
  • National Roaming Icon enable
  • Web default desktop site
  • -Optional Build.prop Tweak ROM according your choice
  • 3G data speed improvement
  • Battery saving
  • Wifi connect disconnect speed
  • Deep Sleep
  • Higner image quality
  • Improve Inetrnet speed
  • Increase touch responsiveness
  • Fast Boot
  • Faster scrolling
  • Theme Section
  • Air Command menu
  • Pearl1
  • Pearl2
  • S5 Air command
  • Toggle Theme
  • Grey 3D
  • Silver 3D
  • Imaged Round (same like S5 but without changing build.prop)
  • Stock Toggle
  • S5 Quick Settings and Recent panel type1
  • S5 Quick Settings and Recent panel type2
  • Remove S5 theme
  • S5 bootanimation

-Select your own region GPS fixer

  • – ROM flashing is Optional, you can use this as Utility tool too.
  • – wanam Xposed compitible
  • -Some other utilities may I forget

Multi DPI

  • -Option to select 240 and stock DPI

Pre-Installation Instructions:


  1. This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. Do not try this on any other device, please check your device’s model in Settings > About Device > Model.
  2. Your device must be running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. Do not use any older firmware to flash this ROM.
  3. Your device must have a custom recovery installed, in case you’re missing it you may Follow our full guide here to install TWRP.
  4. Your device’s battery should be charged at least over 60%. This is highly recommended in order to prevent any power issues during the flashing process.
  5. Make sure that you backup your important media content, ContactsCall Logs & Messages. This is highly recommended just in case something goes wrong and you need to reset your phone.
  6. If you already have rooted your device, use Titanium Backup to back up all your important apps + system data. Also if you are using a custom recovery, it is recommended that you backup your current system using that first. [Just for the sake of safety]. Here’s our full Nandroid Backup guide.
  7. You will have to go through Data Wipes during installation of this ROM, so make sure that you have backed up all the mentioned data.
  8. Make an EFS backup of your phone before you flash this ROM.
  9. You need enough confidence to flash this ROM.
  10. Alright! Go ahead and flash the custom firmware, follow this guide to the letter.

Disclaimer: The methods involved in flashing custom roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is SAMSUNG in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

How to Install Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3 On Galaxy Note 2 And Get Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 3 Features:

  • Make sure that TWRP recovery is flashed on your device.
  • Download latest Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3 .zip file.
  • Connect your phone to your PC now.
  • Copy the .zip files to the storage of your phone.
  • Now disconnect your phone and turn it off complete.
  • Boot into TWRP recovery now, in order to do so, turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key. You should see the recovery mode in a while.
  • Now in TWRP  recovery, wipe cache, factory data reset and advanced options > dalvik cache. [Important]
  • After wiping all these three, select “Install” option.
  • Now select “Install > Choose Zip from SD card > Select Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3 .zip file > Yes”.
  • This will start flashing the ROM in your phone.
  • Once entered in AROMA installer, go through the options, select the MODs, tweaks, themes and other tasks you want to perform.
  • Flash the ROM.
  • Reboot your device.
  • You should see the Dr.Ketan Custom ROM V7.3 Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM running on your device in a while.
  • That’s all!

First boot may take up to 10 minutes, you may not worry if it’s taking that much long. In case it’s taking too long, you may boot into TWRP recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot your device as it may fix the issue. In case your device is having issues, you may return to your old system using the Nandroid backup or follow our guide here to install stock firmware.

If the ROM is great enough to impress you, do not forget to donate to the original developers.

In case you got any issues or you face any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to stop by the comment box below and let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you all.

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