Top 6 best free apps to boost up performance of Android phones

Everybody needs performance boost up for their Android phones, there are many third party apps that will help you to boost up the performance. But to choose best out of them it’s really difficult cause every one of them seems workings. So to install whats is best, for that i’ve collected Top 6 best free apps to boost up performance of Android phones.


Top 6 best free apps to boost up performance

Android Booster

Android booster

Android booster free is a top rated app designed to boost up the phone’s speed. The app has millions of users. The app helps in saving smartphone’s memory and battery and also helps to uninstall unwanted apps. The app’s battery manager comes with four battery saving modes and updates you about the apps using more battery.The app also includes App manager, network manager, task manager, phone optimization and virus scanner. All these features make it an all in one app.

Android Assistant

Android Assistant

As suggested by the name, the app assists you with performing different tasks for you and comes with 18 must have features. The app monitors SD card, RAM, ROM and battery. The Cache cleaner and System cleaner assists with empty files and folders, temporary files, cache, browser, market, mail, Google earth and Google map’s history,etc.It helps make more storage space with App 2 SD card and backup options. The app also has built-in power saver. All the features work quite efficiently and comprehensively to improve device’s performance.

Juice defender battery saver


Juice defender is a strong battery saving and power managing app that works under the hood and gives you the most out of your battery than it normally does. The app offers complete customization, works on it’s own and boosts up battery life. It also helps you easily manage CPU, Wi-Fi, Mobile data so that you can keep power consumption under control. With these and other features, the app helps a lot in boosting the device’s performance.

Volume Boost

Volume Boost

The app is used to boost up the volume of smartphone and increase it by 30 to 40 percent. The app helps you control your android’s sound for music player, multimedia and apps to improve the overall sound quality. You can also adjust the in-call volume, notification and system volume, alarm and ringer volume. The app creates a shortcut on the homescreen that easily accessible and this makes controlling sound more efficient.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu is the most popular android benchmarking app with millions of users. The app is able to measure User Experience with detailed scores on device’s performance, CPU’s performance, the real processing ability of RAM. It can also measure graphics processing, 3D effects, games performance and much more. The app gives you accurate and detailed device performance scores  and is used as an industry standard for most of the technology related companies.

Launcher Pro


Launcher pro is comprehensive and allows you to add extra functionality to your device. It has the ability to increase the homescreen usage by adding upto 7 homescreens yet it will not totally alter the look of your device and you will still be able to see the icons as they were. Moreover space and management is hardly an issue. You will have the option to pinch zoom for having an overview of your homescreens. The app brings in-depth customization with animated screens and much more and still manages to run smoother and faster than any of the other launcher apps.

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