Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos [ App Review ]


In today’s world, our phones are a hub of our data. It acts like our very own briefcase where we can store all our data because we keep it with us all the time and so we can access our data whenever and wherever we want. All the official mails, social sites, pictures, videos, messages and much more is there and we won’t feel good at all if someone irrelevant reaches out for our phone and violates our privacy by getting hands on our private data.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault is an app designed to save your privacy from being violated. It provides full control over your privacy and keeping things safe. If you are worried about your private content falling into the wrong hands, this is the app you must have.

Vault is able to protect all types of data in your phone. It has following features.

Vault Gallery

If you want to share a photo with your circle but do not want it to be saved in other devices, vault gallery offers you to share your pictures safely. Using Vault gallery you can share the photo for others to view for a limited time of 10 seconds and after that it will be permanently removed and no one will be able to access it anymore.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos 1

App Lock

Vault is able to secure the social apps you use like Email, Facebook, Instagram, Tango, Skype, etc and also other apps like candy crush, amazon, etc. In order to protect your apps, you need assign password for them and they will be locked for no one else to access.

App Lock

Photos and Video protection

All of your photos and videos in your phone will be hidden and you can access them through vault only by entering the set password. This way no one will be able to sneak through your private stuff.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos 1

Contact, Sms and calls security

By the help of vault, you can secure your messages, call logs and contacts which is a very useful feature that everyone wants to have their phones.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos 2

Facebook privacy

Vault protects your facebook messages if you want to keep them to yourself you can use vault and chat privately without the fear of having someone else read them.


If you get vault premium you will be able enjoy some other amazing features of the app. The premium users can lock unlimited apps. Moreover they have the option to camouflage the lock so that when someone tries to access an app it will show the lock but it will make the app being accessed crashed. You can make a fake vault so that the real can not be accessed and is remained secured. The sharp sneakers will only get to see the fake vault and won’t even know. You can set Stealth mode which will completely disappear the vault icon from your phone. If you turn the stealth mode on, it can only be accessed again by entering the password from the phone’s dialer.

Vault Premium

Vault Online creates a backup of the vault files to a private cloud space where the data is secure and can accessed by only you. All the above features have proved vault to be one of the most reliable privacy protection apps with no chance of failure. The app is absolutely free and available for download in Playstore.