How To Unlock Facebook Using Proxy Sites.

If your Facebook account is locked or not accessible or banned and you haven’t been able to find any way to bypass it and still searching for a way instead of creating a new account, You are at the exact right place for your answer. Facebook is a huge success and many sites which were a huge place for Instant Messaging and Web chat, after the release of Facebook, now everything is there along with everyone else.


There are many sites providing proxy to bypass a hacked or blocked Facebook account but with lack of security they are not very trustable. So, we are providing you links of top 3 site that are providing Proxies to bypass Facebook where it is banned. Don’t worry they are secure and very easy to use, they provide such easy user interface that a person will feel the same atmosphere as the real site.

Top 3 Facebook Proxy Login Sites:

1.Proxy mice.

This is said to be the best FB Proxy Site, they provide such similar interface as Facebook, that you won’t even feel that you are using any other site. Proxy Mice is the most powerful proxy site whether you are in school or Home or Office and they also provide most secure connection to all the users worldwide.



2.Facebook Proxy.

Another one of Facebook proxy that actually works, this allows you to bypass all the Security check on servers and easily access the Facebook. Open the Link, and write and click Go.



It will give you an error, ignore it and Click, Reload and the next Window will be presented to you with Facebook Login page.



3.FB oxy

It’s working is same as all of the above, just put the URL in the bar and it will unlock Facebook for you.


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