How to Install and Use Sony Flashtool on Xperia Devices


Japanese manufacturer Sony’s Xperia line is going quite good and is being used by a number of people, the Xperia series runs on Android (that is an open source operating system), as the developments are getting fast day by day on Android,  getting the latest mods, tweaks and modify your Xperia device makes you even love it more.

Sometimes the users want to flash a new firmware in case of getting their device soft brick, or sometimes just to improve the performance. While the OTA updates take a long time to reach different regions, some of the users also look for a way to flash the latest firmware on their devices before it makes a way to their devices through OTA updates. Rooting the phone is another option that allows the tinkering on the device, flashing custom ROMs, kernels, and a lot more things are there that can be flashed in an Xperia device, but wondering how? Well, Sony has a Flashtool for its Xperia line up.

Sony Flash Tool

Flashtool is a light software, that allows the flashing through ftf (flashtoolfirmwarefiles). It becomes handy if you are stuck somewhere. In today’s tutorial, we will be having a look at the detailed guide to use Flashtool.

How to Install and Use Sony Flashtool on Xperia Devices

As this is the main tutorial for Flashtool, we will be having a look at the method to flash firmware in an Xperia device.

Before we begin you need to download and install the following.

Understanding & Using the Flashtool:

      1. After you’ve downloaded and installed the Flashtool, you’ll get a folder named ”Flashtool” in your C: drive, or the drive which you selected while installation.
      2. Here you can see the folders like Custom, Devices, Firmwares, Drivers.
      3. The devices folder contains the supported devices, the firmware is the folder where you will place the .ftf file to be flashed in your phone, while the drivers’ folder has the Flashtool-drivers for all Xperia devices, you may install drivers through Flashtool in case you face any difficulty at the time of flashing.
      4. Access the Flashtool-drivers and install Fastboot & Flashmode drivers as well first.Screenshot_2 
      5. After the drivers have been installed, you’re good to go with Flashtool now. The first thing you need to do is, you need to download your desired file, that you are going to flash. It may be a firmware, a kernel or a root file, but it should be in .ftf format. Download the file and place it in ‘‘Firmwares” folder that is is in Flashtool folder.Screenshot_6
      6. Run the Flashtool.exe now, access it from the installed programs or from the same folder under drive C:.
      7. In Flashtool, hit the lightning button on the top left, select whether you want to run Flashmode or Fastboot mode. Flashmode is the one you’ll need most probably while you’re trying to install an ftf file, select it and press Ok.Screenshot_1
      8. Select the firmware or the file that you want to flash here, and make the other selections accordingly, below is an image showing the procedure for a firmware’s ftf file. After you’ve settled it up, hit the Flash button at the bottom now, it will start loading the ftf file and show you logs. Screenshot_3
      9. As soon as the file is loaded, you should see a pop up, prompting you to connect your device to the PC in Flashmode.
      10. Now, turn off your device, and connect to your PC using the original data cable while keeping the Volume down key pressed. You should see the Green LED on your device. This is for flashmode, in case you want to connect your device in fastboot mode, you need to connect it while keeping the Volume Up key pressed and you should see the Blue LED now. For older Xperia devices, the back key will work for Flashmode while the menu key will work for fastboot mode.

      11. After you’ve connected your device successfully, the Flashing will start, wait and sit back while the flashing gets completed. You should see the logs now, as soon as it is done the ”flashing done” will appear at the bottom.

That’s All! We hope that the tutorial was easy for you to understand. Any difficulties or queries you got? Feel free to leave us a comment, We will try our best to help you out.


Usama M, a software engineer by profession, is the founder and editor-in-chief at Techbeasts. At Techbeasts, he uses his expertise to craft solutions to solve everyday consumer tech problems. His main areas of interest are Android, iOS, and Windows. You can find him on YouTube at "Tech with Usama".


  1. Hello, Usama follow all the steps you describe here to change the firmware of the xperia rom C6903 z1, but the Flashtool always throws me the same error.I have all the drivers installed.Example:
    07/033/2013 18:33:16 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    07/033/2013 18:33:36 – INFO – Opening device for R / W
    07/033/2013 18:33:57 – INFO – Start Flashing
    07/033/2013 18:33:57 – INFO – Processing loader
    07/033/2013 18:33:57 – INFO – Checking header
    07/033/2013 18:33:58 – INFO – Ending flash session
    07/033/2013 18:45:58 – ERROR –
    07/033/2013 18:45:58 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    07/033/2013 18:49:59 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    07/033/2013 18:50:41 – INFO – Device disconnected
    07/033/2013 18:52:59 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    07/033/2013 18:59:32 – INFO – Device disconnected
    with the program Sony Emma do not have any problem to install a rom, but I can not the Flashtool.Can you help me?Thank you.

  2. when I turn off my device, and connect to PC using the original data cable while keeping the Volume down key pressed – then this message show..plz help

    • hold on the lower button until the message comes in log box, if it comes then leave it. be sure that u kept the firmware in firmware/downloads section which is found in users section and even check that u have installed drivers (tool is present in c/flashtool/drivers.

  3. Flashtool on Mac won’t recognise that my phone is connected in flashmode or fastboot mode. I have the relevant light on my LED, and Sony Software recognises flashmode fine when doing a “repair”. I used to use flashtool and when connecting in flashmode, even though no options to flash had been selected, it used to still register the device as “connected in flash mode”. I did try to root the handset via vRoot and Root360, but these both failed due to being on 4.3 version .290
    Has this somehow broken my flash mode?
    I have “repaired” through Sony Mac software, and still the issue persists.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  4. Hi Bro, I have Xperia SP with 4.3 android version, could you help me to downgrade to 4.2?
    Basic outline steps should be fine 🙂

    • @disqus_ON7vIXGgEP:disqus you’re probably running Windows 8. please disable driver signature verification and then install Fastboot and Flashmode drivers.

  5. Hello,
    please help
    i flashed my device Xperia U + rooted + BLU but its stuck; when i turn it on i can only go to CM .. how can i restore my device ??

    • @disqus_aQgoTp7Lvi:disqus flash stock ftf in your Xperia U and the problem will be solved. You need to find stock ftf and flash using Sony Flashtool. And it’s not CM it should be CWM recovery. or You’ve flashed an invalid custom ROM based on CyanogenMod (CM)

      • I Downloaded ST25i_6.1.1.B.1.100_Sony.ftf when i try to flash it i get error:

        09/057/2014 19:57:54 – ERROR – ( – Error in processHeader : 22 : The device does not recognize the command.

        09/057/2014 19:57:54 – ERROR – ( – Error flashing. Aborted

        I excluded the (system) flash .. it flashed correctly but my phone didnt boot can i flash the system ? or maybe u can give me a link ..


        • @disqus_aQgoTp7Lvi:disqus make sure that your device is properly connected and you’ve installed flashmode drivers properly and drivers for your device as well. Do not leave the volume down key until the flashing is done. You may find another stock firmware and give it a try.

  6. I’ve flashed my xperia t but can’t get out of flashmode plz help I’ve tried pressing power till it vibrates once but no joy

  7. HI USAMA. thank you to help us. USAMA I did as you tell above lesson .but I did’t understand how to download these things .step 5 ( V )

    and without that step only that menu has this file ” X10_V1_BLRelock.ftf” . so I flash with this file and continue result is in second image . help me bro…. what am I doing now….

    • @disqus_0zVjKBt5Ey:disqus those are multiple and different files. You will flash your desired one FTF file or others depending on your choice. I’ve used those in images to help the people better understand this tutorial. I guess you’re mixing it up.

  8. Thanks bro!! You are the life saver. after installing the kitkat update my xperia sola’s navigation keys(home,menu,back) are not responding. All i want to return to my original GB version until i find a stable kitkat custom rom so that i can use my device then.

    Do you know the stable kitkat rom.

    i installed but my nevigation keys din’t work. do you know any stable kitkat rom out there??

    • @prashantchouhan:disqus you can return to GB using the guide above. About a stable kitkat custom ROM, I won’t be able to give you any, as custom ROMs are always like this.. you have to compromise something in order to make them work on your device. My suggestion is to stick to stock ROM as long as there’s no good custom ROM around.

  9. hello…just wanna know, where are all the drivers located, are they supposed to be in the drivers folder? mine just got the setup.exe even though I’ve installed all the drivers. Thanks

  10. I flashed my mobile today

    But it’s only restarting almost 2 hour continuously ?

    What i can do for this
    Please help me

    • same problem as me and i tried moving it no avail, try (a google search should fiind this) i just installed and didnt get that error.. havent installed a ftf yet though so fingers crossed 😀

      • @leon_pearce:disqus when it says move, do not copy the folder and paste it, but cut it and paste it. Let me know if this works or not. Make sure that the firmwares folder is empty before moving the files.Also, rename the old firmware folder i.e C:flashtoolfirmwares to firmwares.old

    • @jeyanarendran:disqus rename the old copied firmware file to firmware.ftf.ol or firmware.old.
      Now once again place the firmware file in firmwares folder, but this time do not copy the file, you need to Cut the file instead and paste it.
      this should resolve your issue. Let me know if it works or not.

      • Hi, i’m using a mac and have run into the first obstacle, I can’t download drivers? You didn’t explain in the tutorial where to find the “flashtool-drivers 1.01 exe” thingy, and i looked inside all the package content on mac and its not there, pls help

  11. Not working for C5502.

    Gets stucked on: created
    doing the magic
    creating vm (loljavasucks)

    please! asnswer

    • @hishamelbdrawy:disqus what are you trying to do with your C5502? this doesn’t seem to be an issue related with the Flashtool, but with the file you’re trying to flash instead.

  12. Hi Usuma. A search how to root my Sony Xperia Z brought me here and I discovered you treated something else. Might you have an idea on how to root Sony Xperia Z (C6603) device running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  13. Usama bro all are good but end the last when we start to connect the deviec it doesn’t connected,it showing only red light in my xperia c(2305).i tried press volume down key but it’s not working plz help me bro and sry about my bad english by the way bro plz give me the solution plzz thanks.

  14. ,,,hI. Can someone tell me why I can’t download flashtools???;( I don’t know what’s going on ;(,,,please, ĺ

  15. i can’t seem to find “firmware” folder after the initial installation

    can we create the firmware folder by ourselves instead?i wanted to flash my c5502 xperia zr with new lollipop 😀

    • Isn’t that going to brick my phone? What are drivers for anyways? Will i need them throughout the rest of the rooting process?

      • @malohamon:disqus No that will not brick your device. Drivers will basically help your computer to detect your phone in that particular mode. Try going ahead without drivers, if it doesn’t work let me know.

  16. hi Usama
    l have the same problem with z2 driver
    l installed flashtool drivers many times l have sony pc companion and close it before connecting the device in flash mode
    the process failed every time, the flashtool folder asks for driver and the window shows a new hardware needs installation through what called SEMC flash driver but the pc got slower when l tried to install it and stop work so l restart it again

      • l am still facing the same problem but with no hope
        l downloaded z2 driver from developer site and tried to install it
        my device is shown as sony sa0111 ADB interface driver in device manger but l think it should be show D6503
        l hope you tell me that the problem is in windows XP or tell me how exactly l install my z2 driver as after i shut it down and press down volume key l found the window showing there is a new unknown device and the process failed however after while the pc companion shows that sony D6503 is connected while l leave the device shut in the usb cable

        • @khaledmohamedmohsen:disqus did you try installing Flashmode drivers for Xperia Z2? You can do so by going into Flashtool > drivers> there is a drivers setup file, use that to install Z2 drivers particularly. I guess this is the issue you’re facing.

          • l have setup it many times with and without sony z2 driver from the same file and also all the drivers but l got the same issue

          • @khaledmohamedmohsen:disqus Please try installing all drivers from scratch once again and give it a try. It should work.

  17. @disqus_ZKQdpMpIwf:disqus This error is coming up because you’re missing some drivers. Please install Sony PC Companion. Install Flashmode and Fastboot drivers using the drivers located inside Flashtool folder. This is the only issue you’re facing. You will get rid of this issue once you’ve installed all drivers properly.

  18. it is stucked at ending flash session for more than 35 mins

    01/040/2015 08:40:44 – INFO – Start Flashing

    01/040/2015 08:40:44 – INFO – Processing loader.sin

    01/040/2015 08:40:44 – INFO – Checking header

    01/040/2015 08:40:44 – INFO – Flashing data

    01/040/2015 08:40:44 – INFO – Processing of loader.sin finished.

    01/040/2015 08:40:45 – INFO – Ending flash session

  19. Dear,
    An error (i guess) happens while running flash tool
    This window is getting poped up always.What to do.
    The process is not getting ended at all,
    What to do??
    Running on windows 7 32 bit, to root my Xperia Z2

  20. Hi @usamamujtaba:disqus i have this problem. Already just install “Flashmode drivers and flashboot drivers” from drivers folder and install ” Sony PC Companion”
    Please help me and thanks !

  21. I’ve installed flashtool latest version but it never shows “firmwares” and “devices” folders, i reinstalled it over and over but no chance, i tried to install it on another partition instead of “C” but still the same goes on. i even downloaded the previous version hoping to find the 2 missing folders but no way… the only folders there are “custom”, “drivers” and “x10flasher_lib”.

    • @tareqahmadmuhammad:disqus there are two folders of flashtool probably. One in the main C drive and one in the User folder. Some files will be in the C drive folder and some in the user folder, you’ve to select the destination of all files when you open flashtool for the first time and then maintain all files in one of the folders you select at the first prompt. This will resolve your issue. If you still face it, let me know I’ll help you with screenshots as well.

      • I tried your method but still the folders still remain in user folder as showed in the image below. Therefore, i moved .ftf file to firmwares folder then i followed your guide and installed “flash mode drivers” and “fast boot divers” first and then run flashtool.exe but this what happened..

          • yup it worked after l left it for a few minutes, but now i am facing a new problem.. after i select “flashmode” i don’t find any file to flash to my device. even though the .ftf file is placed there in “firmwares” folder! btw i am sorry bothering you a lot with my problems but i really need new software for my device because i have low ringtone/loudspeaker issue.

          • @tareqahmadmuhammad:disqus its alright. not an issue at all.

            You probably have two folders one in drive C: and other in the user folder under drive C. Place the ftf file in both folders and check if it appears for installation or not. Good Luck.

          • well i solved it, the file itself was broken. i’ve done flashing and all was okay until i turn on my device and it keep restarting in xperia motion, i can’t even stop it doing this and the phone is getting hotter!! please help me asap.

          • @tareqahmadmuhammad:disqus Can you please show me a screenshot of flashtool? i want to see what options were selected while you were flashing.

            Also, share your device information and the FTF information that you flashed.

          • My device is xperia z3 (D6653), i used latest version of flashtool downloaded from about the firmware i downloaded it from xda-developers, this link;
            and i followed your guide literally as shown with pictures. Now i sent my phone to a software store to solve it and i hope it get works again.. i am really very disappointed with sony phones and honestly that’s the worst smartphone manufacturer i’ve ever dealt with.. no wonder they’re losing a lot with their smartphone products line.

          • @tareqahmadmuhammad:disqus There might be an issue with the FTF you flashed. I guess flashing a pure stock FTF properly in the Flashtool will bring your device back. However, as soon as you get your device back, please let me know how the service guys fix it.

  22. Guyz I’ve a prblm with my xperia z ultra its stuck with blinking red led prblm I can’t boot into flash mode or fastboot mode plz help

    • Joshua try doing this:

      From the Metro Start Screen or Desktop, open Settings (move your mouse to the bottom-right-corner of the screen and wait for the pop-out bar to appear, then click the Gear icon).

      Click ‘More PC Settings’.

      Click ‘General’.

      Scroll down, and click ‘Restart now’ under ‘Advanced startup’.

      Wait a bit.

      Click ‘Troubleshoot’.

      Click ‘Advanced Options’

      Click ‘Windows Startup Settings’

      Click Restart.

      Choose option 7 (Disable Driver signature Enforcement)

      Start your PC.

      Now try installing the drivers and let me know if it works or not.

  23. Hello,

    i have an Xperia V lt25i

    it is continously rebooting ( sony>> Xperia >> Color waves>> Reboot )

    can’t charge, can’t get into flashmode nor fastboot( both cases leds shows up for about 10 seconds and then turn off without detecting the phone)

    tried the flashtool tuto with drivers, .tft stock firmeware and everything

    tried PC Companion thing

    nothing seems to work

    Please HELP ME !!!

  24. Hi Usama. I’m having a doubt. Whenever I flash a firmware using flashtool, it says – “A FSC script has found, do you want to use it?” So, should I hit “Yes” or “No”. On XperiaBlog, it was written that it increases compatiblity. And somewhere else it was written to hit “No” for this file. So which one is correct?

  25. I am installing this rom. After that it recuires new update. For example 2151 then 2157 vs. When it comes to 30?? numbered update my phone doesn’t open after shutting down for installation

    • @disqus_PgfdYcgF4B:disqus This is not a ROM, this is a guide for installing flashtool only. Can you please elaborate your question a little bit more? Which device are you exactly using?

  26. @usamamujtaba:disqus : Hi, I installed the Flashtool already. But there is no Firmwares folder on it. There are only custom, drivers and x10flasher_lib folders on it. What should I do?

  27. i have unlocked the bootloader of my sony xperia c2104 A 1-1/2 year ago it was working well but i was having the problem of storage space so yeastarday i decided to reset my phone and did so it was working well for a day but my phone got discharged and after that the phone starts up and within 1 min it swichs of and again starts automatically it doesn’t hold please help

  28. I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled (many times!) BUT my flashtool folder has not been created… HELP! 🙁 Thanks

    • @disqus_6oft3X8XYc:disqus what operating system are you using? Can you find the Flashtool folder under any other folder like Program Files? Please see your installation directory while installing the Flashtool and find the folder in that particular directory only.

      • I am having the same problem. Running mac. If I go to the application as show contents I get some contents that I can navigate through and find “custom” but none of the others mentioned.

    • Thanks for replying. Windows 7. I’ve checked all folders. I followed the flashtool instructions, but no luck. I’ve run a search for it too, but nothing. What should I do? Cheers 🙂

        • Thanks… If it works, please could you confirm if running the uninstaller removes all traces so that I know it just doesn’t work? If the installer doesn’t remove all traces, this may be the issue… ie. It went wrong first time round and now I can’t reinstall and try again…

  29. Please HELP!

    I have Xperia Z3 Dual D6633

    I downloaded the ftf file ” 23.0.F.1.74 ” to root my device and followed all the steps exactly to flash it.

    * Excluted Kernal
    * FSC Scripts is found >> Yes

    when I tried to open my device it keeps showing the Sony logo then a black screen then it turns off and stuck in that sequence.


    any help please…

  30. If I am using a mac do I just need bridge? Reading it one way makes it look like that but then the rest of the directions don’t make sense. Flashtool link not working, as I mentioned. I did find the flashtool somewhere else and it is an .exe. So that won’t work on mac. Not clear how to proceed with a mac in light of that. Thanks!

    • @disqus_P3BRM2hj6d:disqus you will need a flashtool.. Bridge won’t do the job on mac. Bridge might only help you to install/update stock firmware, but won’t allow manual flashing.

  31. good Morning,
    i just rooted my Xperia Z ultra bought from ALi express and delivered few hours back to me, it all in chinese and i want to root it, and as per your guidance everything went well so far and its optimizing applications upto 167, never the less, i bouth this as unlocked version my question would be rooting this in above fashion dost it affect the unlock feature of the phone.
    appritiate ur response.

  32. @disqus_dwv4xm2auT:disqus You can flash the stock firmware and recover it right away. You can always find working FTF files on different forums.

  33. Hello, After updating to android 6 marshmallow, I have lost all my drivers in my sony xperia sp, like network,sound,camera etc Nothing is working Sim is not accessing sound is not coming what can i do now?

  34. my xperia m dual was strucked at booting c2004
    I am following ur process and I strucked at conversion of .ftf file
    To convert ,there were no single showing help me how to convert

  35. Thanks, man, like a lot! Saved me and my phone! 🙂
    I had to play a bit with Flash program location on MacOS X (10.11.6) as the app initially got installed in /Volumes/… read-only partition, so I just copied recursively the whole folder into my regular user homedir. Then I just launched “sudo ./Flashtool” and it worked fine.
    Important note, guys! After flashtool asks to hold “back button” and connect your phone, for Xperia M it means – “Press and hold the Volume Down button”, and while holding the volume button, additionally press the Power button, to kick-off the process.
    Good luck!

  36. Toooooooo many thanks to you for this explication is a good tutorial
    that i didn”t find it in the oficial website of the phone, toooo much
    better than the oficial tutorial provided from the sony experia official
    website that i couldn’t understand now after i read this tutorial i’ve
    understood and i can flash my phone corretly “Flash procedure is done
    successfuly” THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

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