Top 5 Android Video Player – Download Here.


Most of the Android smartphones have a built-in video player that is more than enough for all the videos, but some are not equipped with such powerful players, For example, In Samsung Galaxy S2, the video player can play all sort of Videos, Mp4, AMV, AVI, FLV,but in HTC Sensation XE, it won’t run FLV videos. Long ago on Symbian the same problem was there too and it wasn’t easy to find such things back then. Thanks to developers today we can get everything we want. In this article, we will show you the Top 5 Android Video players and then let you decide the best one for you.

1. MX Player/MX Player Pro:

MX player is the best Android video player so far, well the free version is not as good as the pro one, but still it offers such features that make it totally irresistible. best-media-player-for-android

The best thing I like was, than you can increase the Brightness in Player, once you quit it Brightness level will go back to normal. Second, the option of Start Over or Resume. Screenshot_1

MX Player

2.Mobo Player

It’s another nice Video player for Android ,but not as cool as MX player, it supports all sort of video formats, supports Subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, SAA. Along with many other nice features it can be used as an alternate Video player, but there is one thing above MX player is it’s looks. Mobo Player has better UI than MX player. Screenshot_2

Mobo Player

3. Real Player

It is an all in one player, it can run both Audio as well as Video Files, supports all sort of Formats like Mp3, acc, AVI, FLV etc. But the problem is all about a bit of lag is there when you use it more. Except the lag, it is the best Video and Audio Player for Android.



Real Player

4. Poweramp

Poweramp is good for listening songs and stuff but for Videos, not good at all. It can support all sort of Audio formats but it won’t show videos in your library instead you will see only audio files once you try to run them, Crash!.






5. Double Twist

According to New York Times “The Cure for iTunes withdrawal”, because you can sync your music with PC. It has the same features like above mentioned players just the syncing one is new and extra.



Double Twist for Android.

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