Google Zero Gravity Tricks.


Google is not just an awesome search engine but it’s also provides you a lot of entertainment with itself. Thanks to the developers around the world they have created some tricks on Google that will first scare you then confuse you and finally gives you another way to stall your friends. One of them is Google Gravity, now Google Gravity has a lot of tricks and today I will show you how to use them. It’s great way to confuse your friends if they don’t know about it.


Top 5 Google Gravity Tricks and Pranks:

First of all you need to visit on your browser and follow the information below.

1.Zero Gravity.

All you need to do is to Open the Following Link on Google and embrace the act of Gravity on Google.



Once open, just bring your mouse to anywhere on the page and see what happens.

2.Zero Gravity + Invasion Mirror.

Now with zero gravity you can also use the mirror tick.

The best part, you will still able to use it like a normal search engine, just that everything will be reserve.



3.Google Sphere

Now this is something that will tease the heck out of anyone, not because of its look, but because of its movements, it will be a challenge for you to type anything on the search bar.

Just click on the link and see Google icons and links dancing is a sphere around you. Even the search result will be dancing.


4.Zerg Rush

Just search Zerg Rush on Google and watch everything gets devour by O characters.



Once the green bar reaches the end, the same search has been eaten, it keeps going on and on until the whole page is blank, then the 0s will make Two big Gs in the centre of the page with option of Share Score and Clear.


Simply write Tilt on the search bar, and you will see the page tilted a little. This will not act like any other tricks mentioned above, just a slight tilt of the page will be there.



That’s all folks, try these tricks and confuse your friends. Hope you have enjoyed these tricks and pranks. If you find anything new, feel free to let us know in the comments section.