Best Ways to Recover Expired Snaps on iPhone


In this Tutorial, I’ll show you how to Recover Snapchat Pictures. SnapChat is among the best social media of all time. This App is getting popular day by day. The main reason behind this apps prevalence is that this app doesn’t save your data, a snap or video will be deleted after the specific time period.

As nowadays well have seen security breach can happen to world most secure server, people are afraid to share their personal photos or videos on social media. Since SnapChat is living up to the expectations of users that is why it’s worth is in billions now. Now lets come back to the main topic, if you want to recover SnapChat pictures then my friend you have to work hard for that. It seems easy but as far I know there are very few tricks that can be used to Recover Expired Snaps on iPhone.

how to recover snapchat pictures

How to recover SnapChat pictures:

You can try this trick on your iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6S Plus/6/5s/5. Keep one thing in mind I’ll be using a third-party application to retrieve deleted or expired SnapChat media. You may have to share your Apple ID credentials with this software. Please proceed at your own risk.

Best Ways to Recover Expired Snaps on iPhone:

Before moving on, you need to download following files with respect to your operating system.


  • Install this software, Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac.
  • Click on Start Scan. This software is set to “Recover Data from iOS Device” by default.
  • You’ll get another option that will save your time. Select only photo and videos to scan.
  • Scanning will take some time. Once the process is completed you’ll be presented with all the photos and Videos.
  • Now select the Snaps and Videos you want to recover. 
  • Once you are through with the selection, all you have to do is click on Recover button.

This is the only method that is said to be working. If you face any issue regarding this guide let me know in comments.

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