How To Bypass iCloud/Apple ID On iPhone 4 Running iOS 7.0.4

One of the worst situation that can arrive for an iOS user is the Appearance of iCloud ID screen at the very start after a Restore. It can only be bypassed after putting the ID and Password but still users are looking for an alternate way to bypass it and it looks like we have found a way to Bypass it, but it is only for iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4 any other iOS device or iOS version will not support this thing and after the process do not restore your device again ever in your life.


After the Process you won’t be able to Degrade your device to iOS 6 or below, so if you ever hate iOS 7 or above in your life, then you have to change the device only to try the lower or may be an updated version of iOS. Before downloading this Tool, Disable your Antivirus, otherwise it will delete all of your downloaded files.

Bypass iCloud/Apple ID And Jailbreak Untethered

  1. First Download and Install Java JDK x86 Tool
  2. Download Evasi0n 7
  3. Download and Install iOS soft dev pack
  4. Open it.
  5. Put your iPhone 4 into DFU Mode.
  6. Click 1 to run the ssh_rd tool.
  7. Now wait till it is done, until you get the Successful in Green letters.
  8. Click number 2 to mount your Filesystem, if not mounted for the first time then close the window, open it again and Click number 2 again.
  9. Now Click number 3 to Copy the required files to Bypass the iCloud Account.
  10. Your device will reboot and into restore mode
  11. Click 4 to Exit Recovery.

Don’t Try this process on iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1 you will stuck on Apple logon on boot screen. I am adding iOS 7.1 tutorial soon.

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