How To Enable Auto-Correct In Samsung Galaxy S4

Auto-Correct is really a teasing and Mind Blowing feature in Smartphones, it can change the meaning of whole Sentence by correcting a Simple Word, like I was on Memedroid writing a Comment ” Goku and Vegeta are at it again” and it corrected it to “Goku and Vegetables are at it again”, now come on seriously. iOS users have scolded the Auto-Correct and even sometimes you will get Cucumber instead of Correct, but there are those who love it because they believe Auto-Correct improves their vocabulary and helps them learns new words.


In Samsung Galaxy S4, by default Auto-Correct is enable, but only for Messages app, today I will show you how to enable it for all the apps. It is quite simple and requires nothing but a little time. But as I said most of the users don’t like Auto-Correct,so as a First Suggestion, Do not enable it and if you get tired of it you can Disable it the same way you have enabled it.

Enable Auto-Correct In Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Pull Down the Notification Menu.
  2. Tap the Gear on the Top Right Corner.
  3. Tap on My Device.
  4. Tap Language and Input.
  5. Turn On Predictive Text.
  6. Turn On Auto Replacement
  7. Tap Predictive Text
  8. Tap Clear Personal Data

The Best Thing about Auto Correct is that it doesn’t allow you to talk dirty and can even help you write the whole sentence without any writing at all, actually you have to write the first Word and accordingly it will suggest the words for you after a single letter

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