Google Assistant making its way to Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P?


AI assistants are going big this year with different companies working on integrating it with their products. Amazon’s Alexa was quite popular at the CES 2017 and it found its way in different home appliances, from refrigerators to baby monitors. Samsung and Nokia are also working on their own AI assistants, with Bixby coming in Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S8.

Google also introduced Google Assistant last year but it was only specific to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. A lot of people speculated that maybe Google’s AI will just be limited to Pixel devices, but a new report making rounds suggests other wise. 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall claims that Google Assistant will be making its way to Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in the near future. This feature will roll out to the devices in a ‘major update’. As Android 7.1.2 is just an incremental maintenance update, we can expect this feature to arrive with Android O.

Google Assistant will not just be limited to Google’s own devices but we will looking at it in other devices in the near future. Lg’s upcoming flagship, LG G6 will be making use of Google Assistant and in addition the new Nivdia Sheild TV will also have this feature.