Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen, Camera, and Dex Features Explained in Leaked Pictures


We are merely a day away from the official unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung totally failed to keep the Galaxy Note 9 a secret. Almost everything about the upcoming Galaxy Note has leaked online. To kill the surprise absolutely, a new set of images has made it to the internet. The images explain the Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen, Camera, and Dex Features.

Just a couple of days ago, a Redditor spilled the beans about the features of the Note 9. It looks like that information is about to shape into reality. The leaked images have suggested something similar as well. According to the pictures, the S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 9 will be Bluetooth enabled. This S-Pen will give the users complete control of their device while the S-Pen is out.

Pressing the S-Pen’s button once with the camera application open will snap a picture. Pressing the button twice will switch between the front and the rear cameras of the phone. During a presentation through the Galaxy Note 9, the S-Pen’s button will also help to change the slides. Samsung has added various functions to the S-Pen for different applications.

Galaxy Note 9’s camera will be AI-powered. The phone will be able to detect the subject. The picture will be optimized according to what’s being captured. Galaxy Note 9’s camera will adjust itself according to landscapes, people, animals, food or any other object. Samsung will use the Galaxy S9 Plus’s cameras here. Galaxy Note 9’s dual shooters will have a lens with adjustable aperture and the other one will be a telephoto lens.

The last picture suggests that Galaxy Note 9 won’t require the Dex pad in order to work with a monitor. Users will be able to use a USB Type-C to HDMI cable to connect their Note 9 to an external display. Galaxy Note 9 will borrow the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5’s Dex features which will let the users use the phone and the external display at the same time.

Last, but not the least, Galaxy Note 9’s pricing details have also leaked. Since the Galaxy Note 9 will skip the 64 GB variant, users will be able to get the base variant with 128 GB internal storage. This base variant will cost around £899. Another high-end variant of the Galaxy Note 9 is coming with a 512 GB internal storage chip. This variant will be priced around £1,100.

Don’t forget to watch the Galaxy Note 9 launch event live here.


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