Do you fancy a Snap drone?


Snap, the company that owns SnapChat is reportedly working on a drone. This is an interesting development and not the first time the company has tinkered with a product. Snap last year introduced Snap Spectacles which will record 30-seconds videos and photographs and upload them directly to SnapChat. That would provide convenience to the users as they will not have to take their smartphones out to upload those. Now it seems like another product is in development.

Snap with the new drone project seems to be working on creating an eco-system for their integrated products that supports SnapChat. The company apparently plans to brand itself as a camera company and this seems to be the step in that direction. Well the logistics of such a product does seem a little baffling, even though drones now-a-days are being used for photography and videos, why would they get a drone that would not allow cross platform access and will only be limited to SnapChat.

Snap next will be offering its stocks for initial public offering. The IPO is expected to value at more than $20 billion. To ensure investors that they are making a sound choice and there are future projects under development, the company a few days back started selling Snap Spectacles online and now the chatter of the Snap drone is in works. What do you say, do you fancy a Snap drone?


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