Get your hands on Snap Spectacles for $129


Companies work in expanding their platform through different channels, with popular apps,its is mostly about introducing new features . But in the case of Snap the company which owns Snapchat, they took a high road and introduced a physical product the Snap Spectacles. Spectacles are glasses with a built-in camera which allows users to make 10-30 seconds videos and put them on SnapChat.

Snap with their Snap Spectacles have worked on an interesting concept of integrating a new fashionable accessory so one can make SnapChats any time any where without taking the smartphone out. It is handy and presents users with a convenience. Snap started selling the Spectacles a few months back in a very unique way. Vending machines having the Spectacles would pop up at random locations for 24 hours. The only thing users had to do was to  punch in the money and get their glasses.

Now Snap will be selling the glasses online in the USA. The Snap Spectacles are priced at $129 and are available in 3 different colors of black, turquoise and red. This moves comes at a time when Snap is planning to go public with its stocks and they have to show the investors how the SnapChat platform will grow given its popularity among users and the convenience that new Spectacles provide. Where the world is moving to Virtual Reality, Snap has kept things real and simple.

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