Download CROM APK for Chinese Samsung Phones


Samsung locks the bootloaders of the phones that it releases in China. This is due to the security policy set by the Chinese governments. All the phone makers targeting the Chinese users have to keep the bootloaders locked. The users, however, are given a choice to unlock the bootloader at their wish later on. There are some manufacturers that make it extremely hard to unlock the bootloader and some that completely make it a piece of cake. Samsung falls in the latter category.Download CROM APK for Chinese Samsung Phones

To unlock the bootloader of Chinese Samsung phones, Samsung has developed an application called CROM. This little application asks the users for a few permission before doing its magic. Samsung CROM Application is of 1.46 MB only. The application is compatible with all the phones that were released by Samsung in China. Some popular phones include the Samsung Galaxy C series, the Galaxy A9 series and all other phones specific to the Chinese consumers. If the question “Why do you need to unlock the bootloader of your Chinese Samsung Galaxy” is tickling your mind, let’s get the answer first.

The bootloader is locked by manufacturers to discourage the users from installing anything custom. An unlocked bootloader leaves a room for hackers and attackers to play with your personal data. Usually, to perform any custom operation on the phone, an unlocked bootloader is required. On a locked bootloader, its impossible to run any kind of a custom script. It’s completely in the control of a user how he wants to manage the bootloader of a phone.

Android enthusiasts, who love to customize their phones every now and then, don’t like the bootloader to be locked. On some phones, users can lock the bootloader after unlocking it. Since this is very sensitive part of an Android phone, the manufacturers do not allow the users to claim the warranty of a phone that has an unlocked bootloader. It’s always suggested to proceed with caution if you ever intend to unlock your phone’s bootloader.

Getting back to the topic, let’s download Samsung CROM APK and learn how it works on a phone. Download latest CROM APK for Chinese Samsung Phones and learn how to install it right now.

Download CROM APK for Chinese Samsung Phones

  1. Backup your phone completely because the bootloader unlock can potentially wipe all the data from your phone.
  2. Enable OEM Unlocking on your phone. It’s a must.
  3. Download CROM Services APK for Samsung GalaxyDownload Link.
  4. Copy the APK file to your phone.
  5. On your phone, go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Unknown Sources > Tap radio button to allow.
  6. Using a file manager, locate the CROM APK and tap it to install it.
  7. Now open the newly installed application from the app drawer.
  8. Samsung CROM Service will now ask you if you want to unlock the bootloader.
  9. Tap “Yes/Ok” if you want to unlock the bootloader now.
  10. This application will quickly unlock it and you will be free to install a custom ROM or root the phone now.
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