How to install Call of Duty Mobile APK in any country


The craze of shooting games dates back to when video games were still in their infancy. It is one of the most played genres of all time. However, it reached its all time high when Call of Duty franchise released. It is one of the most iconic games of all time. Following the trend set by games like PUBG and Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile is now a thing too. It is a special designed mobile version of iconic COD series from its first few installments. It include maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops series.

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How to install and play Call of Duty Mobile beta in any country

At the time of writing, Call of Duty Mobile’s open beta version is available for testing in India only. Anyone living inside India can play it without additional work. However, the enthusiasts that we are, it is natural to find ways to play it in other countries too.

Nore that if you open it on Play Store outside testing region, there’s only option to pre-register. Below are the steps to install and play Call of Duty Mobile APK anywhere around the world.

Download Call of Duty Mobile APK first!

Since it is a huge title, the installation size is too. In order to install it, you need two files: APK and Data File.

  • Call of Duty Mobile APK – DOWNLOAD
  • Call of Duty Mobile Data Files – DOWNLOAD

After download is complete, copy these files to your Android device. FOllow the installation steps below afterwards.

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to download and install Call of Duty Mobile APK on Android phones and tablets.

  1. Open Play Store and register for Call of Duty Mobile from your Google account.

    Visit the Game’s page on Play Store via this Link and register for it.

  2. Download the COD Mobile APK and copy it to phone or tablet.

    Follow the link given above to download APK either directly to device or a PC. Then copy it to your device.

  3. Open File Manager on phone, navigate to folder with APK in it and tap on it to install it.

    Once installed, move on to next step to insert all data of duty mobile apk download

  4. Don’t launch the game yet!

    We still have not put the data files in place. Therefore, don’t launch it or it will blow the whole process up.

  5. Open file manager again, go to Root > Android > obb and create a new folder named “com.activision.callofduty.shooter “.

    This is the folder that game would have created by itself and downloaded all game files into of duty mobile obb data file

  6. Download Data files from link given above and put those files inside the folder created in last step.

    Make sure to download the file completely. And do not create any sub-folders. Otherwise, game won’t be able to read game data.

  7. Connect to India via any VPN.

    Indians don’t need to to this. Anywhere else in the world? Use a VPN to connect to Indian servers. Find out our favorite picks for VPN call of duty mobile with vpn

  8. Now go back to app drawer and launch Call of Duty Mobile.

    If everything worked fine, the game should now run without any issue.

  9. You’ve done it! Now play COD Mobile as much as you’d like.

    However, note that any progress made or achievements/items unlocked will be reset on full release.


Call of Duty Mobile may give Network error 4.28 with VPN. This error pops up when logging in either as guest or through Facebook. In order to fix this issue, change the server location in VPN app. Then close game and launch it again. Try it few times and it should work. For us, it worked on the second try.

Call of Duty: Mobile Gameplay & Screenshots

From a visual point of view, this game looks stunning. It runs smoothly and looks pretty good. The animations for running, aiming, shooting, knife are pretty close to original. 

The only disappointing gameplay mechanic is the fact that there is no shoot button. You just have to point the gun at opponents and shooting will start automatically. Now, we get that aiming on mobile is hard. But it totally removes the skill gap. Anyone can just swing the gun around and keep hitting targets in these condition. The shooting mechanics should be something like what PUBG implemented. 

Here are some pictures from what the game actually looks like.

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Overall, the fans of this series are quite happy with how this game is turning out to be. There is no rushed job whatsoever. The company behind this masterpiece is surely taking its time in testing to make it the best possible final release. 

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