Apple Rumors: 10th anniversary iPhone will have a curved OLED screen


This year Apple celebrates 10 years of producing impeccable smartphones which have revolutionized the smartphone industry. So, to celebrate this achievement Apple is planning to produce a device that proves that why they are the one of the leaders in the industry. Since the iPhone 7 came out people have been asking what will Apple deliver next as the smartphone offered incremental changes not something that they usually offer for their 2 year cycle. So, the bar for the iPhone’s coming in 2017 is set quite high. According to the earlier reports and an update that came out by Wall Street Journal, Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone’s this year.

iPhone 8 Concept

One of the iPhone’s will the 10th Anniversary edition iPhone, so expect that device to be stunning . The name is still in limbo, as we have heard that maybe it maybe called iPhone 8 or iPhone X. The rest of the two devices will be an incremental upgrades to last year, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Major changes will be brought to the anniversary smartphone. For that Apple has been working on a ‘radical redesign‘. One of the features that will be worked on is the display of the device, Apple will be making use on an OLED panel instead of the LED panel. The rest of the two iPhones will get the plain LED panel as their display.

Apart from that the display will be curved similar to what we have seen Samsung achieve with their Edge flagships. But Apple is planning to take things a step further and even give the bottom and the top of the curved display. This will end up giving the device a true edge-to-edge display. As Apple for iPhone 8/iPhone X will be removing the home button, this will give way to minimal bezels. As far as where the fingerprint sensor goes, the debate about it is still running hot, some say that it will be embedded within the screen of the display and some say that with Apple’s acquisition of the Israeli company that provides facial based recognition systems, the company will likely introduce that. We have our bets placed on the 1st one, as Apple being very strategic is just going to push out those updates which can show the radical redesign. Along with that the company is in the game and they will likely bring that face recognition in the later years.

The other features that the report mentions is that the new smartphones will have a USB Type-C port and have a function area in the display. With the major changes iPhone 8/ iPhone X is reported to cost more than $1000. With a few more months to go we will be hearing more about Apple’s next offering.