iPhone 8 to use Lumentum-sourced 3D sensor and will cost over $1000


We already know that Apple is planning something big for this year’s launch, as 2017 marks a decade of producing impeccable and innovative smartphones. So for their Anniversary the company plans to introduce a device which will again prove why Apple is at the top of their game. The company will be launching three devices, iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and iPhone 8. iPhone 8 is going to be the one to watch as Apple is working on equipping the smartphone with the best features.

iPhone 8 Concept


A new information from 9to5Mac about the iPhone 8 will make use of a special Lumentum-sourced 3D sensor. This is a new feature that none of the other smartphones in the market employ. At the moment it is not clear how the 3D sensor works in the overall design of the device and what will be its function.

It remains unclear how the technology will be applied, however. It could be used to recognize the user’s face for authentication. It could also be used in the camera to provide better image resolution. It could even be used in some form of augmented reality application, according to our source.

In addition the report provides us with information about the price of the upcoming iPhone. iPhone 8 will cost more than $1000 which is more than any of the current iPhone variants which are priced between $649 to $969. Given that Apple will be making use of an OLED panel for the display and use a metal glass chassis for the body of the device, similar to what iPhone 4S used, the price was bound to go up. With additional rumored features like wireless charging and 3D sensor technology expect the price point to sting.

Apple will be starting off with an early production of its new generation iPhone’s which led some to believe that maybe an early release date is in the books. That sadly is not the case, Apple is expecting increase in sales volume of iPhone 8, so they are starting off with an early production to meet the demands. iPhone 8, along with iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be unveiled in September. Expect a spectacular show because nothing less will do for iPhone 8.