How To Get Apple’s Portrait Lighting On Android

Want to get Apple’s Portrait Lighting on Android? Well, it’s not impossible anymore. With the help of a small tutorial, you can now run the Portrait Lighting mode on your Android-powered cellphone.

Not everyone can afford the Apple iPhone and owning it might cost you a kidney(LOL). Buying an Apple iPhone might break the bank and leave you bankrupt, but almost everyone wishes their smartphone to be a doppelganger of iPhone 8 or the iPhone X in terms of their super cool features. One of the most talked about feature in the latest release of Apple i.e. iPhone 8 Plus is the Portrait Lighting Effect in the camera that makes even the most ordinary clicks look really professional and eye-catchy.

Wonders of Portrait Lighting…

With the added depth, blurry backgrounds and the fancy bokeh effect given by the Portrait Mode to the pictures, Apple truly simulated the studio setting through its innovative camera features. Now, the more dynamic Portrait Lightning lets you adjust the exposure and highlights of your click by using unique features. You can experiment with mono lighting and highlight facial features in the portraits. This new “Portrait Lighting” works together with the Portrait Mode and analyzes the pictures in real time the images.

The portrait Lighting effect accentuates the soul of the picture by the dramatic lights, a perfect touch, and a studio light effect. Apple thus has successfully simulated the studio lighting and re-defined the concept of smartphone camera altogether. You don’t need to own the DSLRs with hefty price tags to have your best shots clicked. The portrait lighting is enough to do the trick.

Good News for the Android Users…

If you are an Android user and wish to get access to this special portrait feature that belongs exclusively to Apple’s iPhones, then we have figured out few ways to get that done. You can use your smartphone camera’s app by simple manual editing of the photo in the photo editor you normally use. You just have to spill your creativity out and we guarantee you a much attractive Instagram feed than before.

How To Get Apple’s Portrait Lighting On Android

The 5 Step Tutorial

Let us explain this step by step tutorial regarding how to achieve the portrait lighting effect in your Android smartphone phone. It will take you less than a minute or two for sure;

Step 1:

First of all, download a good photo editor in your Android smartphone. This photo editor should have all the basic settings like Highlights and Shadows. Some of the top editors include the Snapseed editor, CandyCam, and Retrica.

Step 2:

After you have opened your photo in your photo editor, it’s time to edit the photo and crop it so only your face is visible. This is for portraits. However, if you want, you can crop it till half body or so according to your requirement of the final picture.

Step 3:

It’s time to apply the classic black and white filter in your picture. The B&W filter looks great in portrait pictures especially when the portrait lighting effect is applied on it.

Step 4:

The next step is to do the tuning of your picture. For this, you have to go to the image tuner and open the Shadows option. The aim is to reduce the shadows as much as possible to darken the already dark colors in the picture. This will create a contrast between dark and light parts of the photo and will make the features in the picture stand out much more.

Step 5:

There is a Brush option in many editors that lets you change the exposure of any part of the picture. Use the brush to tweak the exposure by touching the parts of the image you want to darken or blackout. This results in the highlighting of the part of the picture that you wish to stand out. The bright part looks whiter as if it is being lit by a studio light. This is how the lighting effect is created finally. You can repeat this step multiple times in order to apply the negative exposure to the picture. The exposure settings must make the face look more realistic and deep.

Now, it’s the time to share your masterpiece with your friends and receive the compliments. We hope that this portrait lighting effect recipe worked out for you. We hope that you found this free of cost and time-saving editing trick useful. Fortunately, you don’t have to sell your kidney to buy an iPhone now. You’re welcome.

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