Whatsapp adds tons of new emojis: professions, expressions and more


Emojis have become a very integral aspect of or day to day communication. What started off as simple smiley face or sad face through keyboard has evolved into an amazing creative culture. Despite the constant developments and additions in the emojis, we at time find ourselves at loss when we need a particular emoji to make our conversation even more interesting. Looking at this Whatsapp has added new emojis for Android.

This development at the moment is available to WhatsApp 2.17.44 beta and users can see the new emojis when the access the emjo board in their app. The new emojis adds different professions, new expressions and focus on gender equality. That’s a great sign as people had been rallying about bringing these emojis. Apart from these, there are some quirky new emojis too like fox face, avocado, selfie or a face-palm. Whatsapp has added the emoji’s that are found in Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0. This update will be rolling out soon for everyone. So, which emoji are you looking forward too, clown face or selfie?