Top 5 Downloader Apps for Android [ Forever Green ]


Usually our smartphone’s downloader does not do the best job, as we face a lot of problems during the downloading process. The speed is slow and even the download gets interrupted due to various reasons which are very annoying. In order to download files, documents, photos, videos or music from the internet to your smart phone, you need to have a downloader app to boost and manage downloading. Here is the list of top 5 android downloader apps that assist you in a great way.

Top 5 Downloader Apps for Android

Turbo Downloader:

Turbo Downloader

Turbo downloader has the ability to boost the download speed up to five times. In order to download something faster you need to simply long press on the link and choose share to Turbo Downloader or you can copy paste the link to turbo downloader as well. The app can maximize the download speed and is used by millions of people for quick download.

Download All Files:

Download All Files

Download all files does it exactly what the name suggests. You can download everything and all type of files from the internet by the help of this app. It also has the pause and resume feature, so you can pause the download if the internet connection is down and download it later. You do not have to see the ‘Content not supported’ message ever again on your phone’s screen if you have this app.


IDM Plus Download Manager

You can download everything with ease with this smart downloader app. The app is very popular with over 10 million users and has the ability to boost the download speed upto 3 times. The app supports all types of files for download including MP3, DOC, ZIP, APK and RAR. It supports the pause and resume feature and shows progress as well. The app also acts as a file manager by providing options like delete file, etc.



This app is a torrent downloader and all you have to do is long press on the link and choose share to a Download. The app will download everything and also supports the pause resume feature to pause the download anytime.

Download Blazer:

Download Blazer

The app has a brilliant and easy to use user interface, It helps to manage downloads from Google and ensure minimal download failures with maximum download speed. Other features of the app includes pause and resume feature, organizing your downloads in queue and downloading all types files form the internet. The app supports six different browsers including chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, etc.

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