Top 5 Android Call Recording Apps 2014

Have you ever wondered, what did the other person tells you on call when you were preoccupied and did not listen to him carefully or wished for a personal assistant to note down the long grocery list your wife just told you to bring on call? We all go through such disasters and sometimes miss out such important things because our mind is not an SD card of course. To make it simple, android market is full of call recording apps that can help you record important calls and save them. We have included the best recording apps among the following, which have all of the necessary as well as some of the outstanding features included.


Call Recorder ACR:

Call Recorder ACR

A very reliable app with a vast number of features to record your phone calls. The call recordings can be automated or manual, select the calls to be recorded including incoming as well as outgoing calls, you can save the recordings in an organized way according to the date, mark important recordings so that they do not get auto deleted and you can even protect the recordings by setting password. The app supports various formats and you can use your Dropbox, Google Drive or mailbox to save the recordings.

Once the call has been recorded, you can play to hear it, mark is as important or not, share it and even add a note. The app has all the things you want in a good recorder app.

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Automatic Call Recorder:

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is an excellent app to record the calls you want to. The recording is initiated automatically and you do not have to worry about turning the recorder on, while on call. You do not have to record all the calls. The app comes with 3 default settings you can select from and enables you to record all calls, record calls from of selected contacts or record calls from numbers not included in your contacts as well as the selected contacts. You can also select the memory size you want to be used by the app yourself as the app has set no limit for the inbox size.

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Record My Call:

Record My Call

Record My Call is yet another simply designed app with easy user interface to record phone calls flawlessly. It records all incoming as well outgoing calls. A separate folder is made in the memory card to save the recordings done by this app. The recordings are organized showing the date, time and duration of the call recording. Moreover the app can also be synchronized with Dropbox and Google Drive. The app can also be protected by setting password. Although the recording is manual but the app ratings are good and the users seem to be much satisfied.

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Galaxy Call Recorder:

Galaxy Call Recorder

This app is especially designed for Samsung users with Galaxy S2, 3, 4 & 5 and Note 2 & 3. The app gives you the option to record manually as well as to choose automatic recording mode. You can choose which calls you want the app to record including incoming and outgoing calls. Plus, You can pre-select some contacts as well. To avoid losing important call recordings, you can mark them as important and lock them. The recordings are stored in the SD card or Dropbox and the app can also be synchronized with Google+ and Skydrive.

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All Call Recorder:

All Call Recorder

All call recorder has a simple user interface. The app is very easy to use including all important features. The app records all of your calls, incoming and outgoing, in 3gp files. You can save files in your SD card and send them to Dropbox, Google drive, Sky Drive as well as email, Facebook, Skype,YouTube and Bluetooth which is a great way to easily share files. Along with these features come the basic call recording features like securing the recording with a lock. The app is organized and your recordings are saved with contact’s number, name and the date and time of the call.

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These are some of the best call recording apps available in the Android market. All of these apps include brilliant features and are absolutely free.

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