Tips To Improve Samsung Galaxy Devices Speed and Performance


Galaxy Devices are taking our the Mobile world, if you look around you, you’ll see a Galaxy device, not to mention a Flagship or a High-end Galaxy device in almost 3-5 users. Considering this amount, one can assume that more than 60% of the mobile users are using a Galaxy Device, however, all of the Galaxy Devices are under criticism, because of Lag and low performance, even their Buttons delay their work, by any chance if you have pressed the Home Button, you’ll know what I am talking about, instead of minimizing the app in an instant, it will take a Second or more to minimize the app, which is quite annoying.


On the other side, the TouchWiz is boring and it lags like a high end game being run on Pentium 4, and if you are completely stock, there isn’t much to do on it anyway. Despite many of them are running Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat, still there are a lot of Performance issues. Today we will show you some tips and tricks to improve your experience while using a Galaxy Device, especially Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 2, if compared with other devices, doesn’t have very high specs, but what it has it more than enough to run TouchWiz smoothly, still it doesn’t. Let’s proceed below and look at the Tips and Tricks.

First Thing First, Turn Off The S-Voice:

The reason why Minimizing is way too slower in your Galaxy Devices is because of the S-Voice. Thi feature will appear, when you double press the Home button, thus when you press the home button once, it waits for you to press it again and once it gets that you don’t want to press the Home button again, it minimize the app, instead of Opening the S-Voice. So, deactivating the S-Voice left your device with only a Single command, and making the Home Button works faster. To Disable the S-Voice,

  • Double Tap the Home Button and Once the window appears, Tap the Menu Button.
  • Uncheck the box Which says Open Via Home Key.
  • That is it, now you’ll see reasonable difference in Home Key Performance.

Instead of Bluetooth, Use Wi-Fi Direct:

Now a days, Bluetooth is being ignored at a very hight rate, still many people use it, for the same purpose, transferring files and media, but what they don’t know is that they can do the same with even fast speed using Wi-Fi Direct, way faster than Bluetooth and you don’t even need an internet connection for this. To do so,

  • Open Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • On the Bottom right, you’ll see Wi-Fi Direct, tap it.
  • Now Tap Scan to see the Available devices.
  • Select the one you want to connect.
  • Now Press and Hold onto any Document,file and Tap Share.
  • Tap the option of Wi-Fi Direct.
  • The file will be sent to the Connected device.

Try Any Custom Launcher Instead of TouchWiz:

TouchWiz is boring, doesn’t have much Customizations and not to mention, to slow and Laggy. One of the biggest reason, why your Galaxy Device is so Slow, Simple answer is that you can download and install any Custom Launcher for your device. Here is an Article to Help you up: Top 5 Best Launchers for Android [ Forever Green ]

Turn Off the Animations and Get fast Speed:

You know on Windows OS, most of the time users, switch to Basic Mode to get high speed instead of looks and frankly it works like a charm, why not do the same here, but instead of switching to the Basic mode, diable the Animations to achieve higher speed. This means, you’ll be removing all the Minimize, Switching, Opening an App, heading back effects and you’ll get huge speed, the best solution, if you want to use your device fast. To do so,

  • Open Settings > About.
  • Tap the Build number 7-8 times, until you enable Developer Options.
  • Open Developer Options and Scroll down to Windows, Transition and Animator duration Scale and Turn them all Off.

Root Your Device and Install a Custom ROM:

Custom ROMs are the best way to achieve high speed and Performance, however they must be your last resort. Installing a Custom ROM many times lead to the destruction of your device.

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