How to Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # & Fix Not Registered on Network

I have posted 2 methods on how to Fix Not Registered on Network and Fix insert Sim card to access services, if you haven’t checked them please do check. Today i’ve prepared a another guide on How to Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # & Fix Not Registered on Network. If you are facing Null IMEI issue after upgrading your device on wrong baseband, most of the time you see null IMEI because we manually update our device with out confirming the baseband. This is the main reason you face not registered on network issue because your unique identity number is null. So lets start working on Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # & Fix Not Registered on Network.

Fix Samsung Fix Galaxy Not Registered On Network


Following are main steps that you have to do in order to restore Samsung Galaxy null IMEI and fix not registered on network. If by chance this guide is no good for you. Try one of these from the following.

Step 1: First dail *#06# on your phone. This is for to check your IMEI number after dialling *#06# you see a number then its ok but if you see null/null then you have to reconfigure your device.

Step 2: Now again go into dialer and type *#197328640#    or *#*#197328640#*#*.

Step 3: After adding dailing the code you’ll be promoted to command mode ( developer mode ).

Step 4: Now select option number 6.

Step 5: Select option number 1 ( FTM ).

Step 6: If FTM status is on then turn it off by pressing FTM off.

Step 7: Now after selecting FTM off your null IMEI will be restored.

Step 8: Press menu key and enter option 2. ( This will turn off FTM ).

Step 9: Now wait for few seconds, remove your battery and sim. Just wait more for 2 mins then insert the battery but not the sim. Turn on your device.

Step 10: After your device is turned on completely dail *#197328640#.

Step 11: Select Debug Screen.

Step 12: Select phone control.

Step 13: After phone control select nas control.

Step 14: Now “RRC(HSDPA) ,option 5.

Step 15: After that Select click RRC revision  , option 2.

Step 16: After selecting option number 2 now choose option 5 (HSDPA only).

Restart your device now and insert sim card, turn on your Samsung Galaxy and now dail *#06#  to check that your IMEI is restored.If you have carefully follow all the steps then i am sure your IMEI is restored and Not registered on network is fixed.

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