Swipe Lock Screen Launcher, Quickly Access Recent Apps.

Fast access to one’s favorite apps is a must thing in modern Operating Systems, whether they are embedded or not. Modern man has become busy and demanding more luxury, thus making us Lazy but giving us things easy and quick. Though one cannot access all things around him easy and fast, but at least we fulfill that wish through our Mobile Phones. Using lots of apps is a good things as you get to know about apps as well as you can pass your time better. But it is not possible to try all the apps to pick one, instead you have to choose one that is best for you.



Mobile Lock Screen is the most viewed screen in whole day, most people only want to see time as they unveil the lock-screen, while others want to see some notification as they view the lock-screen. If you have a Multi-Functional lock-screen, your mobile experience will become more rich that usual. Still haven’t find such application, well you will get it today. Swipe Lock Screen Launcher, let’s you switch between applications from the Lock-Screen, thus bringing multi-tasking to another level. Untitled 3 The app has been categorize in four parts, When you swipe your finger from the Center Trigger to the lock icon, you will be promoted to choose between 4 recent apps. If you swipe from right to left, you will see a screen asking you to add Facebook here. While from Left to Right, you can add a widget here. Pressing the Center Trigger will let you choose between Five options. Messages, Calls, Search, Camera and Lock. Whatever you choose, there will be a pop-up first asking you to select from 4 previous activities. But you can still ignore them and go ahead. Untitled 2 In the Settings, you will have usual things, like Wallpaper Change, Widget adding option, Enable Lock Screen, Vibration Feedback etc. Swipe Lock Screen Launcher might not offer all the things that you need, but still it offers much, upcoming updates might make it even better. It is super fast and with different choices to choose from. It is the best Lock-Screen available yet. Screenshot_2014-01-17-20-04-51

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