Speed Up iOS 7 On Older Devices.


iOS 7 has been released for iPhone 4 and further iPhones, but there are some limits for hardware to endure such high level OS. If you are using iPhone 4S or below, you will notice that iOS 7 is a bit laggy on it and won’t running as smooth as it is on iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. Thankfully there are some tricks that can help you to increase the speed of iOS 7 running on older devices. But before we begin, remember these things:

These tricks will not make it feel like a new iPhone any some of the features you will find attractive or useful, but they will increase the performance of your older device running iOS 7, or you can just wait till your contract is up so you can buy a new device.


Clear Space:

If you have listened to our advice and ready to speed up your device, first of all make some space in your device, if your hard drive is full, remove some apps and clear some space, it will resulting in speed boost. To see the free space, Go to Settings > General > Usage, at the top of page under Storage Header you will see how much free space you have. Along with that you will find a list that will show you how much space an app has taken. Delete all the unnecessary apps, just Tap and Hold on the app until it start Wiggling and Tap the X in the upper left corner.


Kill The Background Processes:

The best way to increase the speed on any device is to make sure that there is no unnecessary background apps are running, sometimes an app refreshes itself on the back and that process lags your on-screen app. It’s another great way to preserve the battery life. On the other hand disabling automatic updates can also helps you in saving the battery life and increasing the speed. To disable such feature, Go to Setting > App Store, scroll down to the Automatic Updates section and turn off the Apps and Updates, and if you want more, Disable the automatic downloads for Music and Books too.



Disable Auto Background Refresh:

Apps refresh their content whether there is need of them or not, for example Facebook will refresh the news feed after the time interval  set, without your knowing. Tha process will take the CPU along with the Battery of your iOS device. So in order to kill that, Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and flip the toggle sitch off or turn the apps off manually.


Turn off Transparency, Blur and Parallax :

All the new animations in iOS are a good cause to decrease the speed of your iOS device. Turning off all these animations can increase the speed of your device, To do that go to Settings > General > Accessibility and Tap on Reduce Motion. On the next screen, flip the slider on, it will reduce the motion including the parallax effect of screen.



Hope all these tricks helps you to increase the speed of iOS device, if you have any problem, feel free to comment below.