How To Increase Battery Life On iOS 7.


iOS 7 has been released with tons of new features, but those features are the main reason that has been decreasing the battery timing of your iPhone. Features like Air Drop or Notification Centre are not the ones but they are hidden deep inside iOS 7 or let’s say running in the background. So, if you are facing a quick battery drain than usual and you want to get more juice out of your battery just change the following settings.


Background App refreshing:

This feature allows your apps to remain active while you multitask, but in case you have minimized an app and forgot to close it, it will keep refreshing and thus draining your battery. To fix that, Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, here you have the option to close all the settings together or you can close the one you don’t like.

Automatic Updates:

Automatic updates are quite a time saver, they update all your apps without you have to open App Store to manually update them. But without your notice since the update process is on going, your phone battery will be drained without your notice. To fix this, Go to Settings  > iTunes and Apple Store and disable update option, but then don’t forget to check App Store for update option.

Location Services:

Well for a person who don’t get out of house much, this won’t be a problem, but for all the travelers this will sure to drain the battery. Location Services will automatically update your current location without your permission so in case if you are travelling from places to places they might be doing a good job along with a bad one.

Just go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, scroll down and choose system services and disable any option you don’t need, like iAids, after that head towards to Frequent Locations feature and Disable it too.


If you are able to search any sort of data on your device, then this is like a treasure for you, but that means Spotlight will keep crawling for new data and then indexing it and of course draining battery. Those who heavily rely on Spotlight should not be paying attention to this side but those who rarely used it can change the settings.

Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and uncheck  the items you don’t need to be indexed.