How To Create Multiple User Profiles for Apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


To create multiple profiles on apps is not that easy as it sounds, especially on any social media’s apps. Right now we can add multiple accounts on apps like Gmail or default emails app on devices. But we can also create multiple accounts on different apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. It will be fun when you can create Multiple User Profiles for Apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, if you have a jailbreak device. Today, I will tell you how to create a Multiple User Profiles for Apps on iPhone. Recently a tweak got into Cydia named as Slices, using this tweak you can easily create and use multiple accounts on Apps.


Following is the video from the tweak developers in which you can easily see that how you can create multiple accounts on a App and on a game as well.

Now we don’t have buy new device for using other accounts on it. All we have to do is get an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Jailbreak our device and install ” Slices “. Right now it’s work is in the progress for Slices but as soon as its released i will give you a video tutorial for on how to use Slices.


After seeing this video I am pretty sure you all are waiting for this tweak, as you have seen not only we can make multiple Slices on Instagram but also we can create different slices to play the games. I hope we can use these Slices on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. So, that I don’t have to carry 3 devices at a time with me.

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