Siri Issue on iOS 7.1.1: Bypass the iPhone’s Lock Screen to Access Contacts, Make Calls, Send Emails and Texts

Apple is facing a lot of issues after they released of iOS 7 and are trying to patch up all the issues. because of all this, Apple has lost many of its customers but still Apple developers are working hard to get rid of all the bugs. Today, I have found out a new issue on the Apple latest iOS 7.1.1. A new bug discovered by Sherif Hashim, allows anyone to easily bypass your iPhone Pass-code and access all the contacts on your device.

In following video you can how easily you can Bypass the iPhone’s Lock Screen to Browse Contacts, Make Calls, Send Emails, & Texts.

On your iPhone lock screen press home button to enable Siri and say ” View Contacts”. You’ll get a message ” I Can’t Show All Of Your Contacts” and below you’ll see ” open the contacts app ” when you tap on it you’ll promoted to lock screen. This is how it should be.

2014-05-09 05.58.40

2014-05-09 05.58.03

Exploiting the Security Flaw on iOS 7.1.1:

Okay now press home button to enable Siri on your home screen without entering the pass-code. Now rather then, saying view contacts, just say ” Call”. Now you will see that you were not promoted to the pass-code and commands comes up ” With Whom you would like to speak”. Tap on edit and enter a the name you want to call or just enter 1 or 2 words. Now if you have enter a specific name then Siri will make the call and if you’ have multiple numbers against that name then you have to select one.

2014-05-09 06.20.24 2014-05-09 06.22.13

Now if you want to access the contact list its easy as you tap on edit enter a single character you will get a list of the contacts against that alphabet and in the end you’ll see other’s tap on it you will be promoted to contacts App.

2014-05-09 06.22.28 2014-05-09 06.22.36

Fix Siri Exploited Issue on iOS 7.1.1:

You can fix the security flaw by going to settings Settings -> Passcode and toggling off Siri. This bug will be fixed soon but till then this is what you can do. Do tell us in comments if you find more information about this security flaw.

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