How to change settings on your iPhone with Siri on iOS 7

There is a lot to tell about Siri on iOS 7. What do you do with Siri on you iPhone running iOS 7. Today, I’ll tell you how you can change setting  like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplane mode through Siri. Not only this your Siri can help you with much more things, it can read you new messages , can do a quick search for you and open apps for you.



How to change settings on your iPhone with Siri on iOS 7:

  • First of all Press the home button on your iPhone to open Siri on iOS 7 or higher.

2014-05-09 05.17.46


  • Now say something like Enable Wi-Fi, Turn off Bluetooth or Enable Airplane mode. As I have said Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Now Wait for Siri to understand what you’ve said. Please Keep in mind always speak clearly when you want to ask or do something with the help of Siri.

As you can see in following picture I have told Siri to turn off Bluetooth and after few seconds, Siri has disabled the Bluetooth. No need to go to home screen then settings to turn off Bluetooth or WiFi. Just open Siri and speak what you want to do.

2014-05-09 05.18.13

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