Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could get slightly bigger battery than its predecessor


If a 3,000mAh battery on the Galaxy S8 seemed small to you, Samsung might have realized what its customers were missing out on and a new rumor claims that the company is going to be doing something about it.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could get slightly bigger battery than its predecessor

The rumor details that the Galaxy S9 will have a bigger battery capacity than the flagship released this year. What is going to be this difference? Well, it is not going to be a massive difference that’s for sure. If the Galaxy S9 is said to get the same 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display like the Galaxy S8, then the 3,200mAh battery that’s been rumored to be fit inside the flagship is not a bad improvement by any stretch.

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However, that is not the only thing that will be going for the Galaxy S9 in terms of battery life. The Galaxy S9 has also been reported to get better hardware for an Android flagship. This ‘better hardware’ will no doubt mean powerful hardware than the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 9810 but also more efficient when it comes to conserving battery life.

Samsung has not released battery life numbers for the Galaxy S9 and neither has it provided any sort of teaser for the upcoming phone. What we know so far is that the Galaxy S9+ is going to be getting the special treatment in terms of better features but buyers should be prepared to pay more for it.

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The Galaxy S9 will feature a single rear-mounted camera lens with a fingerprint reader present at the bottom of this camera lens. This will definitely make the smartphone easier to access especially for users that have small hands.

Pricing of the phone is yet to be announced, but we will know soon enough once 2018 kicks off.


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