Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in some regions to not receive Android 7.0 Nougat update in Q1 2017


Bad news for some of the Galaxy S7 Edge owners who are anxiously awaiting the Android 7.0 Nougat update. It seems that not all the devices will be receiving the update anytime soon, or in the 1Q of 2017 as expected. Samsung started rolling out the update in South Korea but had to halt it as there were some issues.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and most probably Galaxy S7 owners in few regions will not be receiving the update by the next month.  This information comes to us by one of the members at the XDA inquired about the Nougat update from a representative in Singapore. Upon inquiring, Samsung’s representative updated that the Galaxy S7 Edge will not be getting the Nougat update by the next month but will start receiving the update in April-June. 

Well we cannot say when within the given time frame the update will be rolled out in Singapore. This also means that a lot of other regions will not be getting the update in Q1 but will be getting them in Q2. This is a bit disappointing but one should remember that with major updates there are a lot of key issues and tweaks that need to be sorted out before the update is ready to be rolled out.