Rules of Survival ‘tips and tricks’ to help you throughout the entire playthrough


If you are not familiar with playing games similar to Rules of Survival, let us break down the news to you real quick; it is going to be difficult to survive. Playing as one of the 120 unarmed players for the sole purpose of surviving an onslaught is going to be an uphill task.

Chances are that you will grow frustrated of the game at some point, but if you want to make it through the day or night, and come out as the victor of this gauntlet, we have some very helpful tips and tricks up our sleeve that will be crucial for your aid throughout the entire playthrough. Are you ready to begin?

Rules of Survival tips and tricks

Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks

Starting the game for the first time and landing

1. Change sensitivity settings before you begin playing

Some of you might have done this while others would have jumped in right on the action. Jumping in right where the action is the hottest is the complete opposite of surviving so preparation is going to be key here. You might be excited to take on 119 other players in this massive online mobile game, but it will become a frustrating experience if you continue to die within the first few minutes of playing.

Naturally, you will need to get used to the controls of Rules of Survival and that will mean adjusting the sensitivity that will make you comfortable after a few minutes of ‘trial play’. Experimenting with each sensitivity first just to find that sweet spot. After that, you will be ready for combat.

2. ‘Double Tap’ to turn around

You do not have a keyboard or a mouse when you will be playing Rules of Survival. Naturally, it will take some time for you to turn around if you are being fired upon. If you ‘Double Tap’ to turn around, you will perform a 180-degree maneuver that will save you a ton of time. It could also be a lifesaver, depending on the situation.

3. You can choose where to land to gain tactical advantage on the ground

Whenever a new session of the game will start, your controlled avatar or player is going to be parachuted on a random location on the island. The juicy bit here is that while your parachute is going to be deployed automatically, you can steer yourself on where you are going to land. When choosing where to land, you will need to be clever about this decision too.

4. Try to land on areas surrounded by buildings instead of just empty land

You might be smart enough to realize that you will not find the necessary items for combat lying on barren land. They will normally be scattered inside buildings and different structures. Attempt to land near these buildings while also being mindful that the enemy might be doing the exact same thing. Plan this accordingly and you will be able to survive each session without feeling the need to snap your mobile device in two.

Now that you’ve understood the basics of the game, let us dive in the action, where you will have to face off against 119 more players who’s only mission is to survive. First, you will need to arm yourself because let us face it, if you rely on your fists and legs, you’ll be better off dead.

Scavenging and hunting for items

1. Searching a structure will often times have something valuable to give you

If you want to survive, you will need to find ammo, gear, and weapons. Searching a structure will most of the time have good luck waiting for you inside, that is if someone else has not picked it clean.

2. Manage your inventory wisely because you have a limited amount of space

Being creative while also being challenged by the game is one of the mechanics of Rules of Survival. Since you can only carry around a limited number of items, you will need to brainstorm which weapon will be ideal for what situation. Carrying around handguns will seem feasible for a while but if the other players start to carry around heavier weapons such as assault rifles, what will you do then?

3. Remember to close those doors when you enter a room or a building

If you’re entering a building or a room, remember to close the doors when you enter. An opened door will notify the enemy of your current position. Closing a door will give you a tactical advantage in this regard as you will be able to take on the enemy by surprise. It will also be a good idea to sweep the scattered items quickly as your enemies might carry out a surprise assault when you least expect it after they’ve entering the building. Adopting a stealthier movement inside buildings will increase your chances of survival too.

Now comes the hardest part of the game; engaging your enemies.

Movement and combat

1. Spraying bullets is more effective in killing enemies that actually aiming at someone

Other games condition you to carefully pick out your targets using a gaming controller, or a keyboard and mouse combo. This makes aiming very easy compared to the on-screen buttons in Rules of Survival. If you do not have a compatible game controller paired with your smartphone or tablet, aiming and shooting at the enemy is going to be a tiring chore.

You might not be used to this, but spraying bullets on the enemy is a far more effective strategy than taking your sweet time to aim at them. However, while you are going trigger-crazy, you will also need to keep track of how much ammo you have remaining.

2. Do not pick up ammunition that you will not use at that exact same time

Suppose you come across ammunition that is fit for something like an assault rifle? That’s a very good find; only one problem. You don’t have an assault rifle in your inventory. The best solution for this is to discard this ammunition because you will not need it at that time. Let us propose another example.

Suppose you come across ammunition in the hopes that you will now search for a gun that is compatible with this ammunition. Surely you cannot rely on hope to help you get through. You also have limited space to carry around a various combination of items and if you are carrying around something that is useless ammunition, you want might to get rid of unnecessary baggage.

3. Be careful with how you move around

As we mentioned earlier, stealth is going to be integral to survival. While running will help you cover more ground, it will also create a great deal of noise, which will alert the enemy to your nearest position. Also keep in mind that when you are looking at the outside of a building, keep a fair amount of distance from it so that you can scout if there are no enemy units surrounding the structure.

4. Use tall grass to camouflage yourself from the enemy

You have the option to crouch or go prone. This will help you become less detectable to the enemy and if there is tall grass near your position, it gives you the perfect opportunity to be virtually visible to the enemy. Do not stay for too long though, as the enemy units might be thinking about using the same strategy.

5. You do not always have to be a part of the firefight

A brave man is not necessarily a smart man and sometimes can equal a dead man. If you see lots of enemies fighting amongst themselves, it is not always a good idea to get straight into the action because you might lose your life for it. The fewer enemies you have to deal with, the higher chances you will have of winning the session. This can only happen if you play it smart.

For example, if you are hiding inside a building, and can view enemies shooting at each other outside, you can always wait for the last player that stands victorious in the battle, then you can swoop in and put an end to that shortlived victory.

Being a ‘one man’ army is not always going to cut it so to increase your chances of winning, make sure to play ‘team up’ with your friends.

Teaming up for a higher survival rate

1. Fighting in groups will always increase your chances of survival

If you like playing it solo, Rules of Survival offers that experience but to further increase the odds of your making it through the session, the game offers the choice to team up with another player or a ‘four-man’ squad.

2. Fighting in groups will not always be the best method

Different players will have different strategies on how to go about a given situation. For example, you might adopt a more stealthier approach in entering a building but your teammates might end up doing the exact opposite. If they run through the building, they will be attracting unwanted attention to themselves and will compromise your position in the process.

Coordinating with your teammates is going to be vital when you’re playing Rules of Survival. Analyze what sort of mindset your teammate has before starting a game. If they like to go all ‘guns firing’, it will be advantageous in a given situation but could also mean certain death when you’re attempting to sneak inside a building undetected.

Always remember that different team members will always have different mentalities when playing the game. You can rely on them in some situations, but not all of them. Choose your partners wisely.

If you have yet to experience Rules of Survival on your Android or iOS device, you’re definitely missing out on some great and action-packed fun. It can become a very enjoyable experience if you follow the above tips and tricks right otherwise you will just feel like breaking your smartphone or tablet into two equal parts.

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