Root HTC Sensation XE on Android 4.0.3 Official Firmware.


Rooting your device allows you to install Custom Recoveries and Custom ROMs on it. Rooting is not a very difficult process, but with a little bit of negligence, your device might go brick or dead. In this article, we will show you how to root HTC Sensation XE on Android 4.0.3 Official Firmware. It’s a completely different process than usual so please pay more attention.

Root HTC Sensation XE

Before we begin, I would like you guys to take some precautions.

Please keep in mind that as soon as you root your device, you will void the warranty of your device, so everything you do, do it at your own risk.

  • Make sure that you have the battery charged over 60 % and have backed up all your important ContactsCall Logs & MessagesIt is highly recommended in case of any mishap or data loss to back up all your important data.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode from Settings > Developers option.
  • Disable All security programs.

Download the Following Files:

Super SU.

CWM Touch Recovery.

HTC All in One Root Toolkit.

How To Root HTC Sensation XE on Android 4.0.3 Official Firmware.

    • Connect Sensation XE with PC,  copy and paste the Super file to the root of your SD card.
    • Extract the All in one root toolkit and run the One.exe.
    • Now make sure that the Bootloader is unlocked, otherwise, Visit to unlock the bootloader.
    • Run the One.exe file and click ‘install HTC Drivers’  and ignore all the pop-ups.


    • After that rename, the recovery-clockwork-touch- to CWM5827.img and copy the CWM5827.img to HTC One X toolkit folder/Data folder/recoveries and replace with the one inside.
    • Click CWM in the Toolkit click Flash Recovery and wait for it to install.


    • Now disconnect the phone and Boot into Bootloader. First Turn Off the Phone, take out the battery wait for 5-seconds, re-insert the battery and Press and Hold Volume Down + Power Button together until you see some text on-screen.
    • Select Recovery and Select ‘install zip from sd card’, choose the Super file and wait for the installation to finish.
    • Go back and select ‘Reboot System now’.

That’s it, This is how you can Root HTC Sensation XE on Android 4.0.3 Official Firmware.


    • wait for a while until a usb icon appears in notification bar or wait for a popup. select the usb icon if popup doesnt come up. select disk drive

    • Make sure that Only HTC Sensation XE is connected with PC while you are flashing it and the Drivers are installed…!!!
      And make sure to copy the CWM5827.img to HTC One X toolkit folder/Data folder/recoveries and replace with the one inside..!!! otherwise it won’t work..!!!

  1. Managed to run the Flash Recovery, disconnected from the PC got into Bootloader, but when i hit the power button on the recovery I don’t have the chance to select “install zip from sd card”, the phone turns on and first shows a phone icon with refreshing sign then a phone icon with red triangle and exclamation mark

    Any idea how to select the install zip from sd card option ?

  2. I am a rookie but have been paying attention to the steps for weeks now, and I am planning to try this one out. However, I’m still confused on which file that I should copy to my SD card. There are 3 files from your link:, su-bin-3.1.1-arm-signed, and Which one should I copy?

    Also, since my phone is an FU, can I assume that the bootloader is unlocked?

    Besides the above, I think I ready to do it.

    Please kindly help. Thanks.

  3. when i did all steps and install the jellybean and reboot system the device give htc on screen and didn’t work why?????

  4. @disqus_Se9bbnYwG1:disqus When you boot into the bootloader mode, it is mentioned at the top if bootloader is unlocked or locked.. should be like this ***Unlocked**** or Locked.

  5. Hi, mine when I press recovery it goes to white background with HTC logo for a very long time but nothing happens. what to do next? thanks.

      • If you dont mind where can I get the HTCC RUU? I Already unlocked the boot loader. My phone is Fine it boots to normal boot. but if I try the recovery part it doesn’t boot to recovery. Thanks.

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