Google Nexus 5 Deals on Contract.

Before today, we all know that Nexus 5 will be available for $299, something that has stopped the Google servers last time in UK when Nexus 4 was released. Well the price is sort of less but it all depends upon what the will offer in Nexus 5. So for all the users who wants to buy a brand new Cheap but real powerful smart phone, Nexus 5 is a great choice. But the Question is, Can it become more cheaper than this?


Well it is possible, but with a little bit of restrictions, you see Verizon will sure to offer Nexus 5 on contract and the starting price will be only $100. Other Carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint will also be offering Nexus 5 with such low price, so it’s all up to you to decide which carrier you like the most to go after. This is a great combination for all the users, A perfect Nexus 5 under warranty + a powerful carrier connection with only $100.

Now $100 is not a thing that can be handled by anyone, it’s not that difficult to save $100 and other payment is in installation for 1-2 years, so you won’t have any trouble paying it. furthermore you can buy Nexus 5 accessories and/or a beautiful case with the money left and complete the whole set in lesser time.

October 14 is the date then you should start collecting the money right now, to get the perfect Smartphone of this year as we all are hoping.

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