Roku: How to Turn Off


Own a Roku TV device? Looking for a way to learn how to Turn off Roku? Comprehend the steps below to turn it off. Make sure try your variant method, because all the methods are not same. Every version has different method just to clear the things.

Roku is a streaming media player, which allows you to watch Live TV and more. Basically, Roku is a set-top box and it’s plug and play. All you have to do is buy a Roku Set-Top box, connect it to the Internet and then connect it to your TV. This is it.

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Turn off Roku

How To Turn Off Roku:

Comprehending are two methods, one is for Roku 4 and other is for Roku 3. Please don’t try to endeavor this method on another device.

How To Turn Off Roku 4:

Step1: As the technology is getting updated on daily basis everyone working hard to provide the consumer the best experience.

Step2: Open Settings on your Roku device. Press menu button and scroll down-> Settings.

Step3: Now you to look for the system, don’t worry there are not many options. Click on System.

Step4: Click Power and you’ll see following options.

  • Auto Power Off
  • System Restart.
  • Powe Off.

Step5: Choose the desired one. In order to Turn off your Roku TV, select Power off.

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How To Turn off Roku 3, 2, 1:

Now, this is a bit a tricky cause all the lower-end Roku devices don’t have a power off button and also you cannot turn it off from inside. The only way is to unplug the power cable, but I mean like what the hell, good thing is that Roku lower end devices will go into power saving mode after about 30 minutes of inactivity.

So this is all, you cannot turn off Roku 3, 2, 1 properly. But still, if you are not satisfied then pull the plug.