Remove Unnecessary Data in iOS using iCleaner Pro

Now we all must have been curious to know one thing when we connect our iDevice to iTunes, it shows us the data Categorized in different things like Music, Videos, Images and at the end we all see something like Others. Now when a user see that, it typically assumes that all those files which can’t be categorized in above Sections are mentioned as others, but the Panic starts when that Others takes alot more space than you can imagine and that space kept increasing time by time and you can’t able to do anything against it. However, despite that I am not a huge fan of Apple products and also Apple support, there are times when they actually have something important for the users.

The Other Data is filled with some unknown stuff and there is no way you can get rid of it using iTunes itself. In such cases the 3rd party apps plays such a nifty hand. While if you are still wondering what could be in the Others Section, it is filled with History, Cookies, Cache etc. of your current apps and un-installed too. iCleaner Pro is a Cydia Tweak ,that allows you to Clear this section without interfering with the others, while you can also use the Cache Cleaner too, but we are here to show you How to use iCleaner Pro to remove unnecessary data from your device.

Remove Unnecessary Data in iOS using iCleaner Pro


JailBreak your device: Link

Download iCleaner Pro: Link

Clear Others Data with iCleaner Pro:

  1. Download and Install iCleaner Pro.
  2. Launch the app from Spring-Board
  3. The Tweak has alot of Default options to Erase Attachments, from Messages, Safari etc.
  4. Configure the Settings, if you don’t like the Default one, exclude certain apps if you like.
  5. Once Configured, Just tap the Clean Button and you are good to go.
  6. Make Sure to double check the apps that you have included.
  7. Enjoy!
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