How to Fix iPhone/iPad Not Charging Issue


Well I haven’t seen this type of issue in on of my iPhones, I only suffered the Accessory Not Supported issue, but that can be removed simply by taking out the charger and putting it back in the socket again. Although there are some users who have experienced this Not Charging Issue, where they connect their device to the Charger, the device charges for some seconds, thus appears an error stating that Charging it not supported with this accessory, simply users try to change the Charger and even after that the error remains, making the users frustrated and forcing them to try more chargers.

However, the solution is quite simple, but it requires a little attention, it usually happens when the Cable is distorted, or some un-certified 3rd party accessories can cause such problem, if you literally believe that this is the problem with the OS, then you are quite wrong than you can imagine. We are here to provide you some of the relevant solutions to solve this problem, let us hope they work for you.

How to Fix iPhoneiPad Not Charging Issue

Drain the Battery Completely and then Charge:

Use your device till the battery is completely finished, after your device starts showing black screen, Plug-in the charger and also make sure to use the Original Accessory, It will usually take 10 minutes for iPhone and 20 Minutes for iPod to show that it has been charging.

Check the Charger Connection:

  • Check the bottom of your device, the connector where you plug the Cable. Clean it, Clean it properly, use a small Vacuum cleaner a blower or a tooth pick to clean it. Once cleaned properly, try charging the device.
  • If still won’t work after charging, change the charger.

Check the Power Adapter:

  • Whatever power Adapter you are using, make sure it is properly plugged-in, if you are trying to charge it via PC, the must install iTunes to do so.
  • Connect your device to charger and wait for at-least 30-minutes to see what is going on.