Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat [ Guide ]


In this post, we will guide you on how to Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat.

As you all know about SnapChat Group Chat feature and it works perfectly when you want to send Snaps to more than one friend. If you have used WhatsApp Group feature then you will find SnapChat Group Chat quite familiar. However, in the SnapChat group, you can add only 31 friends, not more than that. If you want to add a new friend to your SnapChat group you need to remove one and then you can add him/her.

Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat

The thing is that SnapChat users may know about this feature and they have created Chat Groups. But the interesting thing is, not all of them knows how to Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat. So today, we’ll help you with it, we’ve prepared a step by step guide to tell you how you can kick someone out of your Group.

Before we move on, let me first tell you how you can create a SnapChat Group.

How Do I Create A Group?

Open Up SnapChat on your device, Whether it’s iPhone or Android. Swipe right on the screen to open up the chat sections. Tap on ” + “icon located at the top right corner of the screen. After that, Tap on New Group, Now before you start adding your friends, you need to name your Chat Group. Once you have done that, Start adding your friends to your new Chat Group on SnapChat.

Now that you have successfully created a SnapChat Group, let’s tell you how to remove someone now.

Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat:

It may be shocking but it’s the truth, There is no way you can remove a friend once you have added him/her. The only way is, either you ask your friend to leave the group or you can block or remove the contact from your friend list.

We’ve tried a number of tricks but none of them worked so far. We’ll update the post whenever we will be able to work this out. As of now, there is no such option, tool or settings which allows you to Remove Someone From Snapchat Group Chat.

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