Recover Deleted Files From Android.


Due to frequent transfer of data and other media from PC to Mobile or From Mobile To PC, most users just disconnect the cable instead of properly ejecting them, due to this action the next time they connect it they found out that all their data is corrupted and the only way now they have is to format it.

While on other hand, if you accidentally delete some of your favourite data, there is way you can restore it. The same thing happened to me a couple of days ago, when I tried to use a third-party app to free some of the space from my card, what I got was a full clean up of 5GB, that app deleted all my photos and videos too. Once again Mighty Google came to help me and I find something very useful ia m about to share with you.


In This article we will tell you how to Recover Deleted Files From Android. That does mean ,your Photos, your Music, your videos along with your Apk files, on the other hand Messages and Contacts.

Follow these links to Back-up and Restore all your Contacts and Messages:

Recover Deleted Images:

If you are contiously adding Photos to your device, we strongly recommend to make a Back-up of all those photos, use Dropbox, it’s quite better and you can upload photos from anywhere. If not then after you call a day, connect your device to PC and copy all the new images to a specific folder you have created for your photos.

Now what is the benefit of all this, you know Bad things happened without knowing, suppose your device is stuck in a bootloop or you have to format your device became of any virus or stuff, you won’t regret it, because all your precious jewels are saved in your PC. But if by any chace you have deleted your photos, there is a software for it called Android Photo Recovery.

Install this program, run it as administrator, connect your device to PC or just insert the memory card. Refresh and Select your device and Click Start button to scan the recoverable images, select the image thumbnails and click to Recover.



Recover Deleted Files From Android:

Now to Recover the deleted files, such ans Music, Videos, Apk and photos ,there is an app called Dumpster  it basically act as the Recycle Bin of your Android device, everything that you will delete after installing this app will go to Dumpster, where you can restore in case of an accidental delete or if you have changed your mind. But keep in mind that Dumpster must be installed before you delete such file, if you install it afterwards Dumpster will not help you in any case.



It is a must have app for every Android user, install it as your device will take the first run. Having this app will not only ensure that all your data is safe even after you delete it but you can restore all the deletes if you want anytime anywhere.


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